Democratize your data access with synthetic data!

Create highly realistic, privacy-safe synthetic datasets. Our synthetic data is compliant with the strictest data protection laws.

Organizations that trust us

Companies struggle with digital transformation

And it’s not even their fault. Technological advances and customer-centricity require seamless data access.
Companies need to access data across environments without privacy risks or huge costs.

Reduce your time-to-data by 90%

Deploy your digital transformation efforts when they are needed. Obtain access to your sensitive data in days rather than months. Avoid any risk of re-identification.


Put your analytics and AI training on the right track

Develop products and services in a data-driven, insightful way to make sure you serve customers how they really want to be served.

Test new technologies without risk

Is that cloud provider really for you? Can you trust that third party vendor with data security? Speed up POCs and save costs by providing privacy-compliant and as-good-as-real synthetic copies of your data!

The world's leading synthetic data platform

Make your digital transformation efforts come alive with instant access to the value of your data.
MOSTLY AI synthetic data generator

Our AI-powered synthetic data solution takes your original data and transforms it into privacy-compliant synthetic copies. Your customer journeys, transactional records, and other complex and sensitive datasets can flow freely across your business and partnerships while providing maximum data security. By retaining 99% of the value in the original data, we empower engineers, data scientists, analysts, and product owners to make decisions that matter, faster — without exposing your sensitive data.

MOSTLY AI's synthetic data platform is SOC 2 Type 2 certified

According to an independent third-party auditor, we securely manage and protect our customers’ data privacy. If you would like to read the report, please contact us!

How will you benefit from synthetic data?

Be faster

by reducing time-to-data and time-to-market of your data projects from months to just days.

Eliminate privacy risks

by minimizing the need to touch actual customer data, as synthetic data works as a privacy-friendly drop-in replacement.

Save costs

by putting an end to tedious data compliance bureaucracy and save yourself the endless hours of labor spent on data anonymization.

Improve customer understanding

by getting access to highly representative yet fully anonymous synthetic behavioral customer data.

Be more accurate

by working with granular synthetic data that retains structure, correlations and time-dependencies perfectly.

Collaborate more

by sharing synthetic versions of your customer data freely and safely within and across organizations.

Our most popular synthetic data use cases

Rapid POC evaluation

Setting up a privacy safe synthetic data sandbox for testing third-party software products reduces data delivery times by 70% and leads to huge savings.

Analytics and AI training

Use synthetic data to train more efficient models and conduct global analytics projects without having to worry about cross-border data-sharing!

Realistic synthetic test data

Use realistic synthetic test data to remove production data from testing. Unlike dummy data, synthetic test data gives unprecedented levels of realism to your products and is easy and fast to generate.

Organize datathons for real insights

Give access to your hackathon, datathon participants and external researchers to highly realistic, privacy-safe synthetic versions of your data to get data-driven insights and ideas, that work.

Choose synthetic data to accelerate your AI and analytics!