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Synthetic Data

Create safe, accurate, relevant, insightful synthetic data that helps teams collaborate and innovate towards a smarter and fairer future.
Platform overview

One platform to
transform data and
take you further

Synthetic data sets teams free. Originate, amend and share datasets in ways that overcome the business and ethical challenges of using real, anonymized or dummy data. Synthesize data you can actually work with from one intuitive interface.
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Automated privacy protection and Referential data integrity
Use cases

Use synthetic data
to your advantage

Discover how synthetic data can advance your organization’s goals. Eradicate data sharing limitations, test and develop products, train machine learning algorithms, eliminate biases, and more.
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Nina Erlacher MOSTLY AI

Read The Executives Guide to Synthetic Data

Leaders in banking, insurance and technology are already leveraging synthetic data to accelerate AI and data innovation. This report contains real-life synthetic data use cases and hands-on advice. 
Read the guide to synthetic data
Harvard Business Review Synthetic Data Report

Take your industry
to new heights

Unlock innovation in your organization and lead your sector. Discover how synthetic data is transforming the worlds of finance, insurance, telecoms, and more.
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Synthetic data generation is mission-critical for seamless online banking, personalized services, improved business efficiency, fraud detection, and full, automated data privacy-compliance.
– Tobi Hann, CEO of MOSTLY AI
  • "SWIFT's goal is to deliver privacy-preserving AI at scale for the Payments and Securities industry. Therefore, synthetic data will play a crucial role in machine learning exploration. Deploying and training AI models on MOSTLY AI's synthetic data generation capability is a foundational step towards our goal."
    Deepak Janardhanan
    SWIFT’s AI Platform Lead
  • "A robust commercial solution for hierarchical data synthesis was offered by the company MOSTLY AI to test the synthesis quality. The results (...) are impressive."
    Multipurpose synthetic population for policy applications
    European Commission, Joint Research Centre
  • "We see synthetic data as the foundation for all future data-driven development, as it provides the only GDPR-compliant method for unlocking advanced analytics and insights based on customer data."
    Dietmar Böckmann
    Managing Director, s IT Solutions, ERSTE Group
  • "MOSTLY AI has demonstrated quickly how innovative approaches can benefit a group like Telefónica. This makes it all the more exciting that the start-up will help wayra to make the cooperation of other start-ups in our hub with Telefónica even smoother and more effective in the future."
    Florian Bogenschütz
    Managing Director, Wayra, Telefónica
Smarter synthetic data

Start your synthetic
data journey

Everything you want to know about using synthetic data but were too afraid to ask. Learn about why synthetic data matters. Learn how synthetic data is reshaping the way organizations can handle, share and create new opportunities from their data.
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Melanie Hartl, Customer Success Manager and CISO

Get the latest
synthetic data knowledge

News, views and plenty of useful materials to further your synthetic data understanding.
Software testing

The smarter way
to test software

Not only can you get test data faster than the competition, you get a whole load of other benefits.
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Automate high quality data generation in a few clicks
Break down silos and share without limits
Create as much or as little data as you need
More coverage means more reliability
Privacy protection guaranteed

The safest hands wear synthetic gloves

Synthetic data generation means datasets retain all the useful, statistical properties with none of the privacy risk. Discover how our platform keeps your customers’ information airtight.
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Transform your data today
It takes just a few clicks to turn production data into safe, accurate and test-ready data.

Our clients

MOSTLY AI's synthetic data generator is trusted by major industry players across different sectors. 

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For individuals
Generate high quality synthetic data for free. This is not a trial, but free access forever, up to 100K rows per day. 
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Features you get:
1 user
MySQL and PostgreSQL
Daily data volume
Up to 100K rows
1 team
Self onboarding


For small to medium businesses
Up to 20 users can generate up to 1M rows of high quality smart synthetic data daily. Synthetic data mini-course included. 
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Everything in the free plan, plus:
Up to 20 users
All except DB2 and Oracle
1 installation on-prem
Daily data volume
Up to 1M rows
Up to 5 teams 
Self onboarding & SD mini course
Email & service portal


For large enterprises
Accelerate your data innovation with a dedicated customer success team and synthetic data superuser training.
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Everything in the pro plan, plus:
Daily data volume
Synthetic Data Superuser training
Dedicated customer support team
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