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The architects of a smarter and fairer future with synthetic data

As pioneers, MOSTLY AI continues to own the space with an established team of more than 35 colleagues serving clients all over the world.

Mission & Vision

Our story

MOSTLY AI was founded in 2017 in Vienna, Austria, by Michael Platzer, Klaudius Kalcher and Roland Boubela, three distinguished data scientists. They realized early on the potential of using AI to generate structured business data and to create what we now call synthetic data. Back then this was not much more than an idea. It was unclear how the process was going to work, since no previous research or competitors existed in the space.

The inspiration came from the unstructured data domain where the first artificially created synthetic images were produced. The three co-founders experienced the challenges companies were facing with traditional data anonymization. These challenges only increased as GDPR was introduced in Europe in 2018. MOSTLY AI released the first version of its Synthetic Data Platform at the same time and proved to the world that synthetic data has a vast potential.
We enable organizations to thrive ethically and responsibly with smart and safe synthetic data.
Data should empower all people to build a smarter and fairer future together for the benefit of everyone.
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More to come in the future

Backed by leading European VCs, MOSTLY AI is on a mission to revolutionize how companies think about and work with data. The company is not only generating high-quality synthetic data but creating an entirely new paradigm: smart data.
Michael Platzer Chief Strategy Officer Synthetic Data Company

A synthetic data company with real people

MOSTLY AI, the synthetic data company

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Our core values


Customers at the heart ❤️

We help our customers tap into the full potential of synthetic data
Want to work with top international experts in the field of unsupervised AI and synthetic data generation? Then join our diverse team of smart, self-driven and ambitious people, who love to help people and businesses make the most of their synthetic data opportunities.

Earn trust through actions🤝

We deliver the industry's most trusted synthetic data
We believe trust is earned over time but can be destroyed in the blink of an eye. We exist so that our partners succeed. If you work at MOSTLY AI or are using one of our products, you can count on us to deliver. We are reliable. If you make the commitment to work with us today, we’ll prove to you tomorrow, next week, next month and for years to come that it was the right choice. This is our responsibility.

Win as a team 🙌

We are mission driven - working together to achieve our goals
Our success is driven by collaborative effort and intellectual exchange with others. We are proud that our team includes world-class experts in their respective fields. By encouraging each other to imagine and share ideas, we’re empowered to listen, learn, create and evolve as one. We are greater than the sum of our parts. Together, we can achieve greatness.

Get shit done 🏁

Own your failures to own your successes
We are flexible in where, when and how we work. To us, it’s about dedication to problem solving and getting things done. It’s about being able to adapt to constant change. We believe that a flexible work environment results in stronger employee engagement, improved productivity, better work-life balance and increased fulfilment.

Be fearless 👨‍🚀

Exploring uncharted territory
It is better to aim high and miss than to aim low and hit. We are fearless and open to forging our own path. At MOSTLY AI, we embrace imagination while chasing our goals. We evolve, innovate and push each other to improve by thinking out of the box, and believe that without challenge, there is no growth.

Be YOU 💎

Embrace who you are
Embrace who you truly are - give yourself the freedom to live in authenticity. Examine and challenge your beliefs, show sensitivity to other people's perspectives, views and concerns. Inspire others, so we can create a world together where everyone feel comfortable being exactly who they are. Be you. There is no one else in the world like you and that is something to celebrate. 

Check out the MOSTLY AI Company Handbook

The MOSTLY AI Handbook is our centralised source of truth for how we run our team! We’re all about transparency, so we’ve decided to make our Handbook publicly available to anyone curious about our vibrant culture.
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