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Why AI Treats Women and Men differently and what to do about it

Is Artificial Intelligence inherently sexist? Or are we building AI with the biases we are still struggling to root out of our human interactions? And is a lack of diversity in the innovation process translating into the technology? AI is built and maintained by data, and if the data collected only represents the view of one type of individual or overly weights the importance of this information then the decisions AI makes will reinforce this inequality.

Optimizing Privacy with Synthetic Data with Alexandra Ebert

In this conversation, Alexandra has discussed the importance of communication skills for data professionals, what synthetic data is and how it can assist in privacy and fairness, and wrap up by discussing the importance of open data for research, education, and policy. This episode is great for data leaders looking to increase the privacy practice of their data teams, and provides practitioners and consumers with insights on the current state of Ethical AI.

Four major Synthetic Data and AI trends for 2022

MOSTLY AI pioneered the creation of synthetic data for AI model development and software testing. With this space moving so quickly, here are four trends that we expect to happen in AI and synthetic data in 2022.

Four steps for leveraging Synthetic Data in Banking

Tobias Hann, the CEO of MOSTLY AI examines the role of synthetic data in the banking industry and looks at ways it can be leveraged for today's fintechs

25 Million Dollars investment for Wiener start-up MOSTLY AI

The Vienna-based data startup MOSTLY AI has raised 25 million US dollars from international investors in a financing round.

7 reasons for bias in AI and what to do about it

Alexandra Ebert, MOSTLY AI's Chief Trust Officer talks about the reasons behind biased AI and how to fix it with fair synthetic data.

Mostly AI plans to use $25M funding for responsible AI efforts

TechTarget reports on MOSTLY AI's Series B funding round and rising opportunities for responsible AI to come into play on a worldwide scale.

Synthetic data platform MOSTLY AI lands $25M

VentureBeat reports on MOSTLY AI's Series B funding round with an overview on the history and the benefits of MOSTLY AI's synthetic data generator.

What is synthetic data, and why will it be so important?

The insights from MOSTLY AI's CEO on the data troubles of the insurance industry were picked up and extrapolated to the financial industry, citing exciting synthetic data use cases in banking.

MOSTLY AI raises $25 Series B to scale synthetic data in Europe and the U.S.

MOSTLY AI's biggest funding round yet and what the plans are for the future: scaling operations globally and bringing synthetic data to the next level.

These creepy fake humans herald a new age in AI

MOSTLY AI is one of the leading synthetic data companies mentioned by MIT Technology Review's article on synthetic data.

Why synthetic data is such a hot topic on the artificial intelligence world

Alexandra Ebert, our Chief Trust Officer talks about a synthetic data use case in telecommunication, helping the company to unlock customer data for analytics.

Synthetic data promises fair AI and privacy compliance, but how exactly does it work?

An in-depth interview with MOSTLY AI's experts on how synthetic data provides fairness and privacy.

Synthetic data can be key to insurers' profitability

MOSTLY AI's CEO, Tobi Hann weighs in on the ways in which synthetic data can help insurance companies stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

Synthetic data enables insurers to get more value from AI

MOSTLY AI's CEO, Tobi Hann predicts what awaits insurance companies in 2022 and how synthetic data can be a part of this journey.