AI Academy

Boost your organizations' machine learning competences with an effective, fun and business centric in-house machine learning competition!

The Concept

The AI Academy is a multi-week on-site training program, targeted for software engineers, data analysts and data-literate decision makers alike. It combines training in modern, open-source machine and deep learning tools and methods, with a well-posed, in-house predictive analytics competition, that is built around an actual use case and actual data of your organization. This allows participants to put their learnings as well as own ideas to an immediate test, in a safe and fair, yet meaningful environment, that fosters internalization as well as exploration.

The Platform

Inspired by the success of Mostly AI has developed its own machine learning platform, that allows organizations to host competitions in-house, within their own safe and secure environment. It supports an unlimited number teams, who can make multiple submissions during the course of the competition. Progress can be tracked for everyone by following the leaderboard.

The Benefits

✩ in-house machine learning competence
✩ business-relevant use cases solved
✩ scouting of in-house AI talents
✩ data science know-how transfer
✩ hands-on with cloud-based GPU compute
✩ scoping of machine learning projects
✩ fun team building