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Synthetic test data for digital banking

Synthetic data use cases

Discover tried and tested AI-generated synthetic data use cases, ready to take your organization into a smarter and fairer synthetic data future! Would you like a take away instead? Download the complete guide to synthetic data with all of our case studies!

Data democratization - the revolutionary synthetic data use case

No longer just a buzzword, forward-thinking businesses are setting a new pace for innovation by proactively serving synthetic datasets across teams and beyond the walls of organizations. By proactively generating and disseminating synthetic datasets—carefully designed compilations of data that simulate real-world scenarios without compromising privacy—these enterprises are enabling cross-functional teams to collaborate more effectively. 
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Manuel Pasieka MOSTLY AI

Better training data for machine learning - the highest value synthetic data use case

Machine learning models are only as good as the training data. By creating synthetic datasets—artificially generated data that mimics the statistical properties of real-world data—organizations can substantially improve the performance and predictive accuracy of their machine learning algorithms. One of the most salient advantages of using synthetic data is its ability to eliminate or substantially reduce biases that are often inherent in real-world datasets and provide explainability to models.
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Data anonymization - one synthetic data use case for all

Data anonymization is often done using legacy tools, like data masking, endangering privacy, and destroying data utility. Synthetic data generation offers a better way to anonymize data without losing any intelligence locked up in datasets. This makes synthetic data a superior alternative for both preserving privacy and retaining data utility, allowing organizations to leverage their data assets for insights and innovation without compromising on ethical considerations.
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Paul Tiwald Head of Data Science Synthetic Data Platform
Nikolina Bobar Junior Marketing Manager MOSTLY AI

Realistic test data - the entry level synthetic data use case

MOSTLY AI’s easy to use synthetic data platform empowers you to create a realistic test data environment with synthetic copies of your production data in a privacy-safe fashion. This enables seamless development and testing processes and ensures compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR, thereby providing a dual advantage of operational efficiency and regulatory peace of mind.
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Fairness and explainability - the advanced synthetic data use case

The fair synthetic data use case offers a revolutionary advantage for organizations. Synthetic data is a must-have tool to fix biases embedded in personal data and to provide explainability to the behavior of AI systems. By using synthetic data that has been carefully generated to address these issues, organizations can build more equitable and transparent machine learning models, thereby enhancing trust and adoption among end-users.
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MOSTLY AI Chief Information Security Officer, Melanie Hartl
Nina Erlacher MOSTLY AI

Cross-border data sharing - the game-changing synthetic data use case

Data sharing is the synthetic data use case that is a lifeline for off-shore teams and global organizations. Synthetic data can be shared across borders, organizations or departments. Synthetic data can be shared across borders, organizations, or departments. This ability to freely distribute synthetic data eliminates the complex regulatory and privacy concerns typically associated with transferring real-world data, thus streamlining collaboration and accelerating innovation.
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Synthetic data use cases by industries

Synthetic Data for Banking

The finance industry is recognized for putting the absolute highest security standards in place to ensure the protection of their customer data.
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Synthetic Data for Telecom

Telecommunications companies can finally use all of their data in analytics, AI and testing projects in a GDPR-compliant way.
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Synthetic Data for Insurance

Increasing profit margins with synthetic data is on the top of the agenda for leading insurance providers. 
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