✨ How to generate synthetic data - the comprehensive guide
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Synthetic test data for digital banking

Synthetic data use cases

Discover tried and tested AI-generated synthetic data use cases, ready to take your organization into a smarter and fairer synthetic data future! Would you like a take away instead? Download the complete guide to synthetic data with all of our case studies!

Cross-border and enterprise data sharing

Sharing data is a lifeline for innovation, but it’s getting increasingly difficult to do. Synthetic data can be shared across borders, organizations or departments.
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Nina Erlacher MOSTLY AI
Manuel Pasieka MOSTLY AI

AI/ML development

Machine learning models are only as good as the training data. Synthetic training data improves model performance, removes bias, provides new domain knowledge and explainability.
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Testing and product development

MOSTLY AI’s easy to use synthetic data platform empowers you to create a realistic test data environment with synthetic copies of your production data in a privacy safe fashion.
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Nikolina Bobar Junior Marketing Manager MOSTLY AI
MOSTLY AI Chief Information Security Officer, Melanie Hartl

Fairness and explainability for AI and machine learning

Synthetic data is a must-have tool to fix biases embedded in personal data and to provide explainability to the behavior of AI systems.
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Synthetic data use cases by industries

Synthetic Data for Banking

The finance industry is recognized for putting the absolute highest security standards in place to ensure the protection of their customer data.
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Synthetic Data for Telecom

Telecommunications companies can finally use all of their data in analytics, AI and testing projects in a GDPR-compliant way.
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Synthetic Data for Insurance

Increasing profit margins with synthetic data is on the top of the agenda for leading insurance providers. 
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