"Business people don't understand data".

As a non data scientist, I've been told this quite a lot. And it's often true. The majority of people don't have the skills to work with data. To analyze data, to visualize data, to understand data. That's a problem, because the answers to many of your questions are in your enterprise data. But too few people have access to that data, and even fewer people actually understand it.

Data Democratization

Data democratization is the process of making data more accessible to a wider range of people within an organization (and).. empowering people to make informed decisions and take action based on data insights.” 

DataCamp. "What Does Democratizing Data Mean?" DataCamp Blog, 2022, https://www.datacamp.com/blog/what-does-democratizing-data-mean

Data democratization is a simple concept but one which has proven difficult to execute. No single product can claim to be the solution. It’s much bigger than that. But our team here at MOSTLY has built something unique. We’ve built a product that caters for everyone, “business people” and “data people” alike. We’ve coupled data access with data insights in a way that has never been done before. And we are bursting with excitement to share it with the world!

MOSTLY AI already built the world's most accurate, secure, and scalable synthetic data platform. We’ve helped many enterprise customers to solve their data access problem by proactively serving private, granular synthetic data to people in their organizations. Data literate users programmatically create and consume synthetic data turning relevant information into actionable insights already today. However, our vision is that data should empower all people to build a smarter and fairer future together for the benefit of everyone. Data access is only meaningful to all people, if everyone is empowered to extract insights that create value. That requires something in addition to private synthetic data.

“​​Generative AI could have a profound impact in terms of superpowering and democratizing data analytics… Natural language, if it were to become the interface to notebooks, databases, and BI tools, it would enable a much broader group of people to do analysis.”

Turck, Matt. "Full Steam Ahead: The 2024 MAD (Machine Learning, AI & Data) Landscape." Matt Turck's Blog, 2024, https://mattturck.com/mad2024/

A natural language interface on top of private synthetic tabular data enables data access and data insights for everyone.

Why Tabular Data?

“Unstructured data is hot; structured data is not”

Turck, Matt. "Full Steam Ahead: The 2024 MAD (Machine Learning, AI & Data) Landscape." Matt Turck's Blog, 2024, https://mattturck.com/mad2024/

Unstructured data is having a moment, no doubt about it. But our view is that LLMs trained on “the Internet” will become a commodity. Enterprises will (once again) realize that true differentiation comes from their unique data assets. And the proprietary data they’ve been investing in for decades is structured. Structured tabular data is at the heart of enterprise data democratization.

Introducing the MOSTLY AI Assistant

The MOSTLY AI Assistant makes interacting with your data easy, for everyone. With natural language, you can use all MOSTLY AI features and work with tabular data without writing a single line of code. Access coupled with Insights, in one place.

The MOSTLY AI Assistant makes it easy to understand your data and extract valuable insights.

You can also use it to: 

  • train a reusable GenAI model (Generator) on your tabular data
  • generate new synthetic data from such a Generator
  • enrich your existing data
  • create synthetic data out of nothing

Let’s put this in the context of a typical challenge our enterprise customers face.

A Typical Enterprise Challenge

An “average” business user has a novel idea to attract new customers. He needs to collect a few data points from historic customer data to test his hypothesis, and validate his new idea. But, he encounters a few challenges:

  • Challenge 1: he cannot access the production data, because it’s sensitive
  • Challenge 2: even if he could, he’s not equipped to extract the necessary insights
  • Challenge 3: the people who have access to the data and understand it, are in the minority and overworked, they can’t help him

The result: Another new idea gets left on the cutting room floor. The business user is not happy - nobody wants to be left out. The data scientists are not happy - nobody wants to be the bottleneck. Management is not happy - they cannot enable data democratization to meet the ever increasing demand for data driven insights.

The MOSTLY AI Solution

In contrast, here is an example of the “average” data consumers journey on MOSTLY AI. Guided by our natural language interface on top of private synthetic data: Access + Insights.

Built for Enterprise 

All your conversations are stored and accessible at any time, including your images and data to download or share in the future. MOSTLY AI is also LLM agnostic, connect your own private enterprise LLM and refine the system prompt to your requirements. 

Use a prompt

The MOSTLY AI home page includes prompts that guide your first Assistant conversation.

Start a brand new thread

The Assistant page includes all existing threads. It is from here that you can also start a new thread. Just click New thread in the upper right.

Use a generator or synthetic dataset as context

You can also use the Explore button in the context of a generator or synthetic dataset to start a new Assistant thread. The conversation will start based on the structure, metadata, and data in the selected generator or synthetic dataset.

Access privacy-safe data

MOSTLY AI is the pioneer in privacy-preserving synthetic data generation. You can use the Assistant to create connectors to your data sources, synthesize the data, and get a highly correlated privacy-safe synthetic data that is can act as a drop-in replacement of the original when analyzed. The Assistant will the necessary tasks for you to get the synthetic data.

Get data insights

Finding the right way to analyze rich datasets can be a challenge. The MOSTLY AI Assistant makes it possible for users to type in their questions about the insights they want to get from their data. The Assistant is then capable of running the code that surfaces the insights. Deep knowledge into data analysis or data science is, therefore, not required.

Generate data out of nothing

Users can reach out to the Assistant to generate data out of nothing. Simply specify the number of rows and columns you want to create and the Assistant will generate the data for you. This is particularly useful when you need to create mock data for testing purposes or when you need to create a dataset to test a new model.

Enrich data

Enriching existing datasets is a common data necessity, especially if you want to use general world knowledge on which LLMs are trained. All you need to do is specify the dataset to enrich and how.


Our Vision is that data should empower all people to build a smarter and fairer future together for the benefit of everyone. A natural language interface on top of private synthetic data empowers all people to safely access data and to extract insights for the benefit of everyone. 

We are proud of the product we have built, and we are excited to share it with the world. Visit our website to sign up for our FREE version and let us know what you think!