Today we’re excited to announce the new MOSTLY AI and Databricks integration. The collaboration between MOSTLY AI and Databricks is not just a partnership; it's a leap forward in how businesses innovate with data. By seamlessly integrating MOSTLY AI’s GenAI synthetic data generation with Databricks’ Data Intelligence Platform, this alliance redefines the boundaries of data exploration and security. Together, Databricks and MOSTLY AI establishes a new paradigm for leveraging data while upholding the utmost standards of privacy and compliance. In essence, it allows organizations to democratize access to sensitive data!

Before delving deeper into the integration’s nuances and benefits, we invite you to see the end-to-end workflow in action.

Without ever leaving a Databricks notebook users can now:

  • Train a reusable GenAI model (a “Generator”) on tabular data pulled directly from Databricks
  • Use that Generator to create a synthetic dataset and store that back into Databricks
  • Share those rich privacy-safe synthetic datasets with colleagues who can then consume and work with that data
  • Schedule automated refreshes of the process with a few clicks directly in Databricks

True data democratization at scale! In this blog post we will explore the practicalities and benefits of our integration, demonstrating its profound impact on your data strategies. If you're new to synthetic data in general here is a good place to learn more about what synthetic data is and how it is used today by organizations.

Bridging Synthetic Data and Databricks

Central to the integration is a shared vision of providing more people with access to data, with synthetic data within the Databricks. Designed for flexibility and efficiency, our solution caters to a diverse range of use cases. Whenever tabular data is needed, synthetic data can be leveraged. A central element is the MOSTLY AI Python client that runs within Databricks Notebooks. It can be used to control the entire end to end process of creating synthetic data. Synthetic data generated through MOSTLY AI’s GenAI process integrates directly into Databricks’ Unity Catalog, minimizing governance and security risks.

Streamlining Workflows with Seamless Integration

Our integration streamlines the synthesis of original data, enabling integrated workflows leveraging synthetic data within the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. The end to end process can be controlled directly out of a Databricks Notebook. It doesn’t get much simpler than that to generate GenAI synthetic data for your use case. In addition the process is highly adaptable to meet the evolving requirements of data privacy and analytical depth.

MOSTLY AI and Databricks Integration

Detailed Yet Accessible: The GenAI Approach

To make synthetic data generation available to virtually anyone, we've balanced sophistication with simplicity in our integration. MOSTLY AI’s GenAI enables the creation of granular synthetic datasets through flexible workflows, accommodating users across the technical spectrum. You don’t have to be a data scientist to benefit from synthetic data within Databricks. If you’re familiar with the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform and Databricks Notebooks you’re good to go!

The Impact: Elevating Data and AI Strategies

Databricks is on a mission to simplify and democratize data and AI and so are we at MOSTLY AI. The partnership acts as a catalyst to get better answers from your data. By making GenAI synthetic data more actionable within Databricks, we empower organizations to navigate data privacy complexities and to speed up and broaden access to data in general. This allows more Databricks users to work with data, create new insights, and enables a new era of data-driven exploration and innovation.

Join Us on the Path to Data Innovation

As we reveal this partnership, we invite you to discover how it can transform your generative AI strategy. The integration of MOSTLY AI’s GenAI capabilities with the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform marks a significant advancement in data management, offering a unique opportunity to redefine your data narrative. Sign up for an account on our FREE platform today and see for yourself!

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re excited to guide you through this new frontier of data innovation. And check back for more updates as we continue to pioneer the future of synthetic data, together.