Whether you’ve just heard about synthetic data at the last conference you attended or are already evaluating how it could help your organization to innovate with your customer data in a privacy-friendly manner, this mini video series will cover everything you need to know about synthetic data:

  • What is it? (Pssst, spoiler: a fundamentally new approach to big data anonymization)
  • Why is it needed?
  • Why classic anonymization fails for big data (and how relying on it puts your organization at risk)
  • How synthetic data helps with privacy protection,
  • Why it is important that it is AI-generated synthetic data & how to differentiate between different types
  • And lastly, synthetic data use cases and insights on how some of the largest brands in the world are already using synthetic data to fuel their digital transformation

1. Introduction to synthetic data

2. Synthetic Data versus Classic Anonymization

3. What is Synthetic Data? And why is AI-generated Synthetic Data superior?

4. Why Synthetic Data helps with Big Data Privacy

5. How Synthetic Data fuels AI & Big Data Innovation