UPDATE: MOSTLY AI SaaS has been discontinued

Instead, we made the world's best synthetic data platform free forever for generating up to 100K rows per day.

Today I am thrilled and proud to announce the launch of MOSTLY AI SaaS. This milestone speaks of our growth as a company, which we wouldn’t have reached without our devoted team of world-class experts and our dedicated customer base.

We achieved yet another first in the industry. It’s 2.5 years ago that we launched the first commercially available AI-powered synthetic data solution for the enterprise. Shortly after, we pioneered a synthetic data solution for behavioral data assets, something that is still unmatched in the industry.

Imagine being able to derive insights from your customers’ bank transactions or their online shopping behavior and create products that genuinely address their needs. With MOSTLY AI's synthetic data platform, it is possible to create synthetic data copies of these behavioral datasets that retain the structure, correlations, and time dependencies of the original data while safeguarding the privacy of your customers.

Bringing AI-powered Synthetic Data to the masses

With our SaaS release, we make these state-of-the-art capabilities available to companies of all sizes and budgets. We significantly evolved our business practices to reach the maturity required to make this leap.

Firstly, we have taken great care to ensure that we are fully GDPR compliant and that your data is safe with us. These measures include the usage of industry best practices, professional frameworks, and security policies. You can find more detailed information here

Secondly, your synthetically generated data comes with an automatically created Quality Assurance report. It’s generated by algorithms that test for privacy is the resulting data dissimilar enough that original subjects cannot be re-identified?, and accuracy does the structure, correlations, and time dependencies of the original dataset still hold up? 

You don’t need to take our word for it. We open-sourced these privacy and accuracy metric definitions so we can offer the transparency and security that you demand from us. You can find them in this GitHub repository.

Try what it can do for you - securely and free of charge

I invite you to try the free version to experience the power of our synthetic data platform. There's no credit card needed to benefit from the full functionality of MOSTLY AI SaaS. And while you do so, we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us as we are always eager to listen to and learn from our users.

Lastly, I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone on the team who has been working on this release! This is yet another milestone for MOSTLY AI, and I look forward to building out our capacities in the cloud. Expect to hear more from us later this year!


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