I met Michael, Klaudius, and Roland in 2018 and as the conversations got deeper, my desire to become a part of MOSTLY AI grew steadily. In May 2019 I started working for MOSTLY AI, first as an external consultant and soon thereafter as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. The last year has really flown by and it’s impossible to adequately recap the many highlights and accomplishments we have had at MOSTLY AI without going beyond the scope of this post. Let me just share that on a personal level it has been deeply satisfying and impactful. In my career of almost 15 years, I’ve held many different positions and worked for a variety of fantastic organizations. I don’t need to think for a second to say that the year at MOSTLY AI has been the most thrilling and fulfilling professional year for me so far.

My previous roles were always centered around starting new or building and growing businesses. I’ve either done this as a consultant, intrapreneur, or with my own start-ups. It’s great to see how all these experiences have now put me in a sweet spot to help take MOSTLY AI to the next level. We have a multitude of things we are working on including feature upgrades to our core product MOSTLY AI's synthetic data platform and the launch of our SaaS offering which I’m particularly excited about. We can’t wait to share all of this with the world in the months and years ahead.

I look very much forward to working for many more years with the outstanding and growing team at MOSTLY AI, our clients, partners, and investors on shaping the synthetic data revolution together. While times right now are challenging for everyone, it’s amazing to see how well we cope with the situation as a team and company.

Let’s do this together! #gosynthetic


PS: I also look forward to writing on this blog more frequently. Watch out for posts about the business side of synthetic data, our company, and all things scaling a deep-tech start-up.

Fig. 1: From left to right: Tobias Hann with Roland Boubela, Michael Platzer and Klaudius Kalcher – the three Co-Founders of MOSTLY AI