2021 has passed in the blink of an eye, yet MOSTLY AI can be proud as this was a revolutionary year of many extraordinary achievements. While we are already excited for what 2022 holds for us, we are taking a step back to look at the highlights and major milestones we have accomplished in 2021.

Synthetic data revolution

Our developers had a busy start to the year with the new upgrade of our category-leading synthetic data generator, MOSTLY AI 1.5. Alongside many shiny new features, the big buzz was about our synthetic data generator now supporting the synthesis of geolocation data with latitude and longitude encoding types. Say goodbye to harmful digital footprints and hello to privacy-safe synthetic geodata!

This was not enough for our very ambitious team; so in the second half of the year, they pushed the boundaries even further by truly revolutionizing software testing. With this new version of our platform, MOSTLY AI 2.0 became the first synthetic data platform that can automatically synthesize complex data structures, making it ideal for software testing. By expanding the capabilities to multi-table data structures, MOSTLY AI now enables anyone – not just data scientists – to create synthetic data from databases, automatically. This improves security and compliance and accelerates time to data. Our team truly deserves a toast for this!

The Data Democratization Podcast

We’ll be soon celebrating the first birthday of “The Data Democratization Podcast”, which we started back in January 2021. With over 2000 downloads in 2021, the podcast was an absolute hit! Our listeners had the opportunity to get so many insights from knowledgeable AI and privacy experts working in top-notch companies who shared their experiences, advice, and real-life case studies. We are entering the new year with even more enthusiasm and are preparing some special surprise guests for you. Stay tuned!

Synthetic data training for superusers

In 2021 we also launched our professional services and training program intended to help create the next generation of synthetic data superusers within enterprises. Several clients have already leveraged this first-of-its-kind program to kickstart their synthetic data journeys, with very positive results. As synthetic data pioneers, we have the most experienced team in the world. Our top engineers, architects, consultants, and data scientists have seen it all. They know what makes or breaks a company's synthetic data adoption, no matter the use case. From scaling ethical and explainable AI to providing on-demand, privacy-safe test data, the know-how is here.

Synthetic data talks

Despite COVID-19 we have managed to attend multiple conferences. While most of them happened virtually, we participated in Slush 2021 in person! Our Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer Michael Platzer rocked the stage presenting at this year's event in Helsinki, Finland. We are proud to have been invited to present our synthetic data solution to the world and - while staying safe - connect and exchange ideas with some of the most brilliant minds.

The only synthetic data provider to achieve SOC2 and ISO certifications

With data privacy and information security at the heart of everything we do, our efforts to ensure the privacy and integrity of our customer’s sensitive data by following strict security policies and procedures have been officially recognized this year. In March, we received the SOC 2 Type 2 certification, which is an audit report capturing how a company safeguards customer data and how well internal controls are operating and later in November, we got awarded the ISO 27001 certification which is a globally recognized information security standard. 

Thanks to both SOC2 and ISO certifications, our customers and partners can now speed up vetting processes and immediately get a clear picture of the advanced level of information security standards we hold.

Growing the Order of Mostlies

All this wouldn’t be possible without MOSTLY AI’s most important asset – our team (or Mostlies as we like to call them). In 2021, we welcomed quite a few new Mostlies to the team - amongst them new executives to strengthen our product, marketing and sales activities. 

The first one to join the team this year was Andreas Ponikiewicz as our Vice President of Global Sales, who took the lead for MOSTLY AI's international sales team across Europe, North America and Asia and has brought our communication with the clients to the next level. Shortly afterward, we welcomed our new CTO, Kerem Erdem, onboard. As a true captain, he is leading us on the way to accelerate our tech performance and enable organizations to thrive in an ethical, responsible way with smart and safe synthetic data. To help get the word out, in early May, Sabine Klisch joined the team as VP Global Marketing and is now leading our creative marketing team on our journey to position MOSTLY AI as the global leader for smart synthetic data. And to spice up the story even more, we have added a special Italian ingredient – Mario Scriminaci, our new CPO who is making sure our synthetic data platform is the number one solution and provides our customers with better-than-real data.

The Best Employer Award

As already mentioned, Mostlies are the most important part of MOSTLY AI and it seems we are doing something right since we made it to the top 3 of Great Place to Work and received Austria's Best Employers 2021 award. 

The MOSTLY AI team is truly diverse, with more than 15 different nationalities represented. Almost 40 members strong, we are organized in several teams, including data science, engineering, product, marketing, sales, and operations. The majority of us are based at our headquarter in Vienna, but an increasing number are working remotely spread across the entire world. What has started as a necessity because of COVID-19 has now become an integral part of our company culture.

Looking back, we can say this year has exceeded our expectations by far. One team of devoted professionals all united with the same vision – to empower people with data and build a smarter and fairer future together. 

What’s next? 2022 is said to be the year of synthetic data. According to Gartner, by 2024, 60% of the data used for the development of AI and analytics projects will be synthetically generated. 2022 will also be the year of MOSTLY AI and we will have exciting news to share with you very soon.

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