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Synthetic CRM data for analytics with Telefónica

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Synthetic CRM data for analytics with Telefónica
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In the telecom industry, data is everything. To keep customers happy and onboard, companies need to stay on top of trends and determine the next best actions accurately. Analytics, just like AI, can only be as good as the data that is used for extracting insights. However, legacy data anonymization techniques destroy valuable data, especially when applied to time-series data, keeping a large portion of customer behavior in the dark. To complicate matters further, customer consent is rarely given explicitly and difficult to obtain retrosspectively. Consequently, analytics projects often fail to even take off for lack of compliance.


Customer data from Telefónica’s CRM Datamart is synthesized by MOSTLY AI synthetic data platform, the category-leading synthetic data platform to provide a statistically identical data alternative. The new, synthetic datasets contain none of the original data points, yet provide the same statistical patterns and correlations as the original. The synthetic data version is the only GDPR-compliant way to power analytics and AI projects.


Thanks to the synthetic copy of the CRM database, Telefónica has been able to increase customer understanding through better analytics and modelling. With several million records synthesized, customer behavior can be understood and predicted with unprecedented accuracy, allowing the company to reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction. The readily available synthetic data is statistically the same as the original, providing quick and easy access to business intelligence without lengthy compliance processes.