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Synthetic data sandbox for enterprise data sharing

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Synthetic CRM data for analytics with Telefónica


time reduction for
data delivery


cost reduction for
data provisioning


annual savings
on PoCs


A Fortune 100 bank needs to evaluate 1,000+ vendors and start-ups annually. In 80% of these evaluations, the process involves handing over sensitive datasets to external organizations. This step takes 3.5 months per PoC since the data needs to be manually selected, sanitized, anonymized, and individually approved in each specific case. Due to this labor-intensive procedure $25,000 of internal costs are generated per PoC, resulting in $25 million of annual costs for external data sharing.


Instead of giving direct access to production data or anonymized data lacking statistical utility to third-party fintech vendors, the bank created a Rapid PoC Sandbox where the most commonly requested data assets were proactively converted to synthetic versions. Using this newly created sandbox, vendors can now test their solutions in a controlled, privacy-safe environment. The privacy-compliant synthetic data generated by the bank provides statistically identical results to those derived from production environments and is in-line with all internal and external regulations.


As a result, the average time of data delivery was decreased to 3 weeks, a 70% reduction. The process now only involves standardized checks and onboarding procedures, saving further costs. According to the bank’s estimation, the average cost of a PoC is now only $5,000 – an 80% reduction from the average price of previous PoCs. The annual savings impact of this initiative amounts to over $10 million.