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Synthetic health data exchange with Humana

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Challenges of data-driven innovation in healthcare

Humana needed to accelerate their data science and AI capabilities in-house, as well as provide access to granular level data to third-party vendors. However, the lack of proper security in the cloud to handle sensitive data, including PII and PHI slowed things down and made innovation near-impossible. Exchanging health data with research teams and health application developers, who needed realistic test data was out of the question. At the beginning of the synthetic health data adoption, the company’s 200-people strong data science team was also struggling to access sensitive health data in dynamic ways. 

The synthetic health data solution

Synthetic health data was created on top of the sensitive patient data with correlations and distributions maintained. The synthetic health data is ready to be explored by data science teams and safe to share with third party vendors and researchers. Humana launched their synthetic Data Exchange platform with publicly available sample datasets in 2022, giving privacy safe, fast and most of all, granular lever access to synthetic health data. The synthetic health data is available on-demand, including medical claims, pharmaceutical data, lab test data representing the patient journeys of 1 million members over the span of three years. Thanks to the large size and high granularity, the synthetic health data can be used to study temporal changes across members’ health histories.

Proof of results for synthetic health data

Humana’s Data Exchange Platform offers 1,5 million synthetic health data records with 700 variables. In the first year since its launch, 8+ new products were developed by third party vendors using the synthetic health data provided via the platform. 

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