AI ethics is a misunderstood topic. Business leaders often think of it as fuzzy and subjective. Reid Blackman is on a mission to change this and educate business decision makers about the scientific and very practical realities of ethical machines. Operationalizing AI ethics is not only possible, but imperative to mitigate the risks embedded into systems running on the power of artificial intelligence. Listen to the episode to learn:
  • why businesses should hire AI ethicists and why lawyers can't do the job instead,
  • how to build an AI risk mitigation program,
  • what are the pitfalls and best practices for implementing AI ethics,
  • the difference between responsible AI, ethical AI, and trustworthy AI,
  • how to write an effective AI ethics statement,
  • what's the difference between global explainable AI (XAI) and local XAI.
Reid Blackman has recently published a book entitled Ethical Machines and is a regularly published author at Harvard Business Review. If you would like to read a short summary of the most frequently overlooked ingredients of a successful AI ethics program, read his article entitled Everyone in Your Organization Needs to Understand AI Ethics.