Kicking off season three of the Data Democratization podcast, our host, Alexandra Ebert, MOSTLY AI's Chief Trust Officer, talks to Ryan Carrier, Founder and Executive Director of the NGO For Humanity. Ryan's mission at For Humanity is to translate emerging AI regulation into auditable criteria, helping to build an AI ecosystem that people can trust. The urgency for this is increasing every day - not only, to achieve compliance with the European AI Act and similar regulations that are emerging all over the world. But more importantly, to protect humanity against potential harms that can be caused by AI that is deployed without the necessary safeguards and precautions. Particularly with the recent breakthroughs in generative AI - and tools like ChatGPT reaching the mainstream - the risks such systems can represent are becoming apparent to everyone. AI audits are a critical part of making these tools safe and preventing harm. In this episode, you will learn:
  • why AI audits will be a critical element in trustworthy AI,
  • what are the three key criteria of meaningful and effective AI audits,
  • how mandatory AI audits could help with proactive compliance and protection against harm,
  • and which actions you should take today to get a head-start on complying with the EU's AI Act.