Lisa Palmer is the chief technical advisor of Splunk, the popular data platform designed to remove barriers between data and action. Besides working for Splunk, she is a university professor, a podcast host, and an author. She spent years at Microsoft, Gartner, and Teradata, building up her unique perspective on data and technology-related business opportunities. In this episode, Lisa shares her most exciting insights and data stories around tackling real-life problems with data, including:
  • fighting wildfires and winning F1 races,
  • how privacy-enhancing technologies like homomorphic encryption and synthetic data can be used for social good,
  • why we need truly complete datasets to address biases,
  • the role synthetic data plays in ethical AI and bias mitigation,
  • how to increase diversity, especially in tech and
  • how to think about data opportunities in times of disruption and opportunity.
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