In the 20th episode of the Data Democratization Podcast, Alexandra Ebert, MOSTLY AI's Chief Trust Officer talks to Dr. Clara Neppel, Senior Director of IEEE. IEEE is the world's largest technical organization helping companies develop industry standards and safe practices for the latest technologies. Clara will share her knowledge and ideas around her latest project, developing ethically aligned design principles for AI-systems. Listen to the episode if you want to learn more about:
  • what is the difference between standards and certifications,
  • what role regulators should or shouldn't play in certifying systems and setting up standards,
  • how ethically aligned AI systems should be designed,
  • what is the role of values in AI systems, and how should we handle them,
  • why synthetic data is a must-have for dealing with sensitive data,
  • how providing safe, high-quality synthetic data is a public service that forward-looking cities like the City of Vienna provide.
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