In the 24th episode of the Data Democratization Podcast, we had the chance to talk to Axel Voss, Rapporteur of the Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Age in the European Parliament. Axel has been working on a report outlining important policy recommendations for the upcoming European AI regulations. Among other things, Axel told us:
  • why the GDPR is due for an update
  • what the future of data protection holds
  • how the EU should compete globally in AI and digital innovation
  • why access to high-quality data is so important 
  • how synthetic data can help bridge the gap between data protection and data-driven innovations
  • what the upcoming European AI-regulation will look like
If you would like to learn more about the legislative privacy landscape around GDPR and the upcoming AI regulations, listen to one of our previous conversations with Axel von dem Bussche, GDPR, the new European AI regulation, and the privacy landscape.