AI-generated synthetic data has exciting use cases across different industries. But perhaps none are as exciting as fair synthetic data generation for healthcare. Alexandra Ebert, MOSTLY AI's Chief Trust Officer and the host of the Data Democratization Podcast, has been talking to two AI experts who have been using MOSTLY AI's synthetic data platform to generate fair synthetic data to predict loneliness. Laura Mariano, Lead Ethical AI Data Scientist, and Brent Sundheimer, Principal AI Architect, work at Humana, one of the biggest North American health insurance providers, looking after the health of over 20 million people. It's a staggering scale and a job with massive responsibilities. Laura, Brent, and the team at MOSTLY AI have been working hard to fix embedded biases in historic datasets so as to provide equal access to services for everyone. Listen to this episode if you are curious about how ethical AI models are produced in real life. From the conversation, you'll find out:
  • What role AI plays in healthcare?
  •  How to create AI ethics programs?
  • How to define fairness?
  • How can fair synthetic data help create fair models and predictions?
  • What's next for the ethical AI team and their algorithm?