Axel von dem Bussche is a specialist lawyer for information technology law, an accomplished data, and GDPR expert. He’s been a partner at Taylor Wessing for over 20 years and knows his way around privacy tech. In this episode, you will hear more about:
  • recent regulatory developments, including Schrems II, GDPR, and the new AI-regulation proposal from the European Court of Justice
  • why regulation is necessary and timely for AI
  • what companies should do in light of these recent developments
  • how, according to Axel’s prediction, we’ll end up with 20 GDPR-like laws
  • how to make regulation less complex and easier to comply with
  • how to develop a successful data strategy and to turn data privacy into a competitive edge through know-how, proactivity, and risk assessments 
  • why 95% of data transfers became illegal after Schrems II and that companies need to map all of their cross-border data transfers to comply with regulations
  • how synthetic data can help, since it’s exempt from GDPR and Schrems II.