Amir Tabakovic has lots of experience in developing banking products, and as a chairman of the AI and Data Privacy Experts Group at Mobey Forum, he has a very good overview of privacy best practices and the most common mistakes in the banking industry. Listen to this episode to learn:
  • How to develop customer-centric banking products and take them to market?
  • How can traditional banks compete with neobanks?
  • What are privacy-enhancing technologies?
  • How should banks leverage privacy tech for success?
  • Which privacy technology to choose when?
  • How to make privacy-by-design happen from an organizational point of view?
  • What is the difference between pseudonymization and anonymization?
  • What’s the problem with legacy anonymization technologies?
Amir and his team at Mobey Forum recently published a report entitled The Digital Banking Blindspot: Emerging Privacy Enhancing Technologies. Download the report if you would like to get a detailed overview of how privacy tech is changing the banking industry! Subscribe to the Data Democratization Podcast on SpotifyApple Podcast or wherever you get your shows! Are you curious how synthetic data is used by financial institutions? Read our blogpost to learn about the best synthetic data use cases in banking.