In the 27th episode of the Data Democratization Podcast Andrea Renda,  a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS), Advisor to the European Parliament and a former member of European High-level Expert Group on AI, joins us on the show to discuss:
  • What it takes to create effective digital policies
  • Why the AI Act only goes half-way - and what else needs to be done
  • Why data is a strange beast to tackle for academics and regulators
  • The challenges of transatlantic dataflows & why the EU should stop relying on the Brussels Effect
  • Synthetic data - and how it could enhance trust and enable data sharing
  • The geopolitical battle on data, AI & digital policies between China, the EU and US 
  • What’s good about the GDPR - and where are its shortcomings
  • And many more exciting and timely topics
If you want to hear more about the EU roadmap for the AI but from another point of view, listen to our podcast episode with Axel Voss, Rapporteur of the Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Age in the European Parliament.