Meet the latest guest of the Data Democratization Podcast, Jim Hu. Jim is MOSTLY AI's Sales Engineer, and in this episode, he talks about the most exciting synthetic data engineering he has been busy doing. Synthetic data is quickly becoming a must-have engineering tool across industries, with new use cases emerging every day. If you want to learn how to leverage synthetic data in insurance and banking, listen to the episode! Learn to maximize synthetic data's business impact and find out:
  • how to increase profit margins in insurance using synthetic data
  • what are the best synthetic data use cases in banking
  • how to maximize the lifetime revenue of a loan
  • how to detect suspicious transactions and prevent fraud
  • how to estimate credit risk using machine learning
  • how to unlock transaction data for AI training
  • why synthetic data is superior to legacy data anonymization techniques
  • optimize software testing processes
  • create personalized banking experiences
If you want to read more synthetic data case studies, download our enterprise guide to synthetic data!