In this action-packed episode, John Frushour, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, shares his best frontline data stories. And data stories don’t get any more frontline than his. From fighting the opioid crisis to the COVID-19 emergency in New York, John and his team accomplished superhuman achievements with data. In this episode, you will hear about:
  • the most useful leadership, data, and technical skills for CISOs
  • how DevOps teams operate and how they mature with data science and automation
  • balancing data protection with data access in a healthcare setting
  • advanced analytics use cases: tracking opioids and sensor data in the ICU
  • the COVID-19 challenge in New York 2020 from a CISOs perspective
  • using synthetic data for AI/ML
  • AI and data regulations from a CISO’s perspective in 2021
  • how to increase diversity in cybersecurity teams
  • tips for keeping your data safe and secure and for finding the best tequila in town
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