What does the future of insurance look like? Alexandra Ebert, MOSTLY AI's Chief Trust Officer talked to David Marock, a seasoned insurtech, fintech and proptech expert from London. David shared his insights on the state of AI in the insurance industry and what the current trends are in the insurtech space. In this episode you will hear about:
  • AI opportunities in insurance,
  • why traditional insurance companies are tech hesitant,
  • how to overcome the tech inertia in insurance organizations,
  • how regulatory pressure is changing minds about digital transformation,
  • why fairness is critical for insurance companies,
  • how synthetic data solves data access and privacy issues,
  • what to do about less tech-savvy business leaders, and
  • how the future of insurance will be driven by new technologies.
If you would like to learn more about how synthetic data is used in insurance and the financial sector, listen to our episode entitled Synthetic data engineering in insurance and banking!