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Episode 41 -
June 1, 2023
- 51 mins

Synthetic data for impact: how to innovate in health insurance with Daniela Pak-Graf, Merkur Innovation Lab

Daniela Pak-Graf, the managing director of Merkur Innovation Lab — the innovation arm of Merkur Insurance, shares her tips and best practices for innovating with synthetic data in one of the most conservative and sensitive industries, health insurance.
Mario Scriminaci, CPO of MOSTLY AI
Episode 40 -
May 11, 2023
- 46 mins

Synthetic data beyond privacy: data augmentation powered by AI

Synthetic data technology is moving fast beyond the privacy use case. Mario Scriminaci, MOSTLY AI's CPO talks about all the advanced synthetic data capabilities generative AI makes possible.
Episode 39 -
April 20, 2023
- 52:57 mins

What you didn't know about AI transparency with Rania Wazir, co-founder and AI expert

In episode 39 of the Data Democratization Podcast, host Alexandra Ebert, Chief Trust Officer at MOSTLY AI, is joined by Rania Wasir, co-founder and CTO of leiwand.ai, to discuss AI transparency, the misconceptions surrounding AI transparency and fairness, and why having a standard for transparency is important.
Episode 38 -
March 17, 2023
- 54 min 42 sec mins

Building trusted ML products with Karin Schöfegger

In the 38th episode of the Data Democratization Podcast, Karin Schöfegger shares her insights and challenges in building AI products.
Episode 37 -
February 23, 2023
- 52:04 mins

How to effectively audit AI with Ryan Carrier

Kicking off season three of the Data Democratization podcast, our host, Alexandra Ebert, MOSTLY AI's Chief Trust Officer, talks to Ryan Carrier, Founder and Executive Director of the NGO For Humanity.
Episode 36 -
October 20, 2022
- 50 mins

The secrets of building an AI-ready culture with Noelle

What is an AI-ready culture and how to build one? Listen to the best tips and tricks from seasoned AI-lead, Noelle!
Data Democratization Podcast Privacy with Pedro Pavón Meta
Episode 35 -
September 22, 2022
- 52 mins

Striking a balance - a conversation about privacy with Meta's Pedro Pavón

Privacy, fairness and transparency should be able to co-exist. Listen to this conversation with Meta's Global Policy Director, Pedro Pavón to learn how social media companies see their challenges.
AI ethics in practice with Reid Blackman
Episode 34 -
July 28, 2022
- 87 mins

AI ethics is science, not just philosophy - a pratical guide with Reid Blackman

AI Ethics is not the fuzzy, squishy topic most business leaders think it is. Get down to the practical reality of doing AI ethics!
fair synthetic data in healthcare podcast
Episode 33 -
July 7, 2022
- 60 mins

Fair synthetic data and ethical AI in healthcare with Humana

Humana's ethical AI team is one of the world's leaders in using fair synthetic data to build fair AI prediction models. Listen to the story of how Laura and Brent work for better patient outcomes and equal access to services!
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