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Data Democratization Podcast

Inspiring data, responsible AI and privacy stories. Think AI, privacy legislations, synthetic data and more.
Alexandra Ebert Chief Trust Officer Synthetic Data Company
Episode 34 -
July 28, 2022
- 87 mins

AI ethics is science, not just philosophy - a pratical guide with Reid Blackman

AI Ethics is not the fuzzy, squishy topic most business leaders think it is. Get down to the practical reality of doing AI ethics!
Episode 33 -
July 7, 2022
- 60 mins

Fair synthetic data and ethical AI in healthcare with Humana

Humana's ethical AI team is one of the world's leaders in using fair synthetic data to build fair AI prediction models. Listen to the story of how Laura and Brent work for better patient outcomes and equal access to services!
Episode 32. -
May 10, 2022
- 57 mins

A journey through the global data privacy landscape with Omer Tene

Omer Tene, ex-IAPP data privacy expert talks about the state of the data privacy landscape in the US, Europe and China. Where will things go from here? How long until a federal data privacy legislation? Crucial questions for 2022.
Episode 31 -
April 28, 2022
- 49 mins

How to get value out of PETs in banking

Ville Sointu, the leader of the emerging technologies team at Nordea, the biggest bank in the Nordics talks about the value of PETs and how banking innovation should be done.
Episode 30 -
April 14, 2022
- 66 mins

Meaningless privacy guarantees vs. true privacy with Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye

An important conversation about the limits of privacy guarantees, differential privacy and the challenges of putting data privacy into practice.
Episode 29 -
March 29, 2022
- 50 mins

Unpacking the Transatlantic Data Privacy Framework with Scott Marcus, Bruegel

The recently announced transatlantic data privacy framework comes with many challenges. Scott Marcus, digital policy expert weighs on the future of transatlantic data flows.
Episode 28 -
March 10, 2022
- 38 mins

Data challenges in software testing with Maaret Pyhäjärvi

A passionate and experienced test engineer shares her most common test data challenges, her best practices and inspiring stories.
Episode 26 -
February 9, 2022
- 26 mins

The synthetic data future with Tobi Hann, CEO of MOSTLY AI

The future is synthetic. MOSTLY AI's recent $25M funding round is the latest evidence. Listen to MOSTLY AI's CEO to find out more about this synthetic data milestone!
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