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the value of privacy enhancing technologies podcast
Episode 31 -
April 28, 2022
- 49 mins

How to get value out of PETs in banking

Ville Sointu, the leader of the emerging technologies team at Nordea, the biggest bank in the Nordics talks about the value of PETs and how banking innovation should be done.
Data privacy guarantees with Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye
Episode 30 -
April 14, 2022
- 66 mins

Meaningless privacy guarantees vs. true privacy with Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye

An important conversation about the limits of privacy guarantees, differential privacy and the challenges of putting data privacy into practice.
Data Democratization Podcast with Scott Marcus on transatlantic data sharing
Episode 29 -
March 29, 2022
- 50 mins

Unpacking the Transatlantic Data Privacy Framework with Scott Marcus, Bruegel

The recently announced transatlantic data privacy framework comes with many challenges. Scott Marcus, digital policy expert weighs on the future of transatlantic data flows.
Test data challenges Maaret Pyh
Episode 28 -
March 10, 2022
- 38 mins

Data challenges in software testing with Maaret Pyhäjärvi

A passionate and experienced test engineer shares her most common test data challenges, her best practices and inspiring stories.
The future of synthetic data with Tobi Hann
Episode 26 -
February 9, 2022
- 26 mins

The synthetic data future with Tobi Hann, CEO of MOSTLY AI

The future is synthetic. MOSTLY AI's recent $25M funding round is the latest evidence. Listen to MOSTLY AI's CEO to find out more about this synthetic data milestone!
End of AI ethics - Data Democratization Podcast
Episode 25. -
January 27, 2022
- 88 mins

The end of AI ethics - a conversation about the EU's AI Act with Paul Nemitz, the godfather of GDPR

Is it time to regulate bigtech and AI deployment? Paul Nemitz, Principal Adviser on Justice Policy at the European Commission talks about why and how democracy needs to be protected from bigtech.
The EU's AI strategy with Axel Voss, MEP
Episode 24 -
January 13, 2022
- 61 mins

The EU roadmap for AI with Axel Voss, MEP

An important conversation about the future of AI and synthetic data in the EU with Axel Voss, member of the European Parliament and the author of the Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Age report.
Explainable AI with Denis Rothman
Episode 23 -
December 30, 2021
- 85 mins

Explainable AI with Denis Rothman, AI expert

Denis Rothman is an AI and machine learning expert who has been making AI systems before it was cool. In this episode he shares his exciting ideas about explainable AI and the world.