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MOSTLY AI’s Databricks Integration

Enhance Your Databricks Capabilities with MOSTLY AI: Unlock Next-Level Data Privacy and Efficiency

MOSTLY AI and Databricks

MOSTLY AI, the leader in structured synthetic data, has partnered with Databricks to redefine how businesses approach data privacy, analytics, and AI development. This strategic partnership leverages the strengths of Databricks' massive data processing infrastructure and MOSTLY AI's unparalleled synthetic data generation, providing a seamless solution for handling sensitive data at scale. Experience the synergy of Databricks' powerful analytics coupled with the unmatched privacy and fidelity of MOSTLY AI's synthetic data, empowering your organization to innovate securely and efficiently.

The power of GenAI for tabular data

Train and manage Generative AI models for creating synthetic data
Seamlessly integrate with your data infrastructure for data ingestion and output
Automate the creation and management of synthetic datasets
Ensure compliance and privacy through secure data handling
Work effectively together in data science and analytics teams
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Learn more in our  videos

Check out these short videos below to learn more about MOSTLY AI, Synthetic Data, and how to integrate with Databricks.

Get started with a few lines of code

# install MOSTLY AI in Databricks Notebook
%pip install -U mostlyai 

# initialize the MOSTLY AI Client
from mostlyai import MostlyAI
mostly = MostlyAI(api_key='your_api_key')

# train a generator on your data
g = mostly.train(data)

# generate a synthetic dataset
sd = mostly.generate(g)

# consume synthetic as pd.DataFrame
syn = sd.data()
Discover how our integration elevates data analytics and AI development by exploring our detailed Databricks Documentation.
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