Prompt examples


The MOSTLY AI Assistant provides LLM capabilities in the context of MOSTLY AI and DataLLM that empower users to talk to data and get data insights. Check out several examples to get a feeling of how easy it is and what you can accomplish by prompting the Assistant.

Get data insights

Finding the right way to analyze rich datasets can be a challenge. The MOSTLY AI Assistant makes it possible to users to type in their questions about the insights they want to get from their data. The Assistant is then capable to run the code that surfaces the insights. Deep knowledge into data analysis or data science is, therefore, not required.

Example prompts

  • Summarize the data in dataset with ID.
  • Visualize the Female vs Male distribution in this dataset.
  • Show me the correlation between the Age and the Income in this dataset.
MOSTLY AI - Assistant - Example 01 - Get data insights

Generate data out of nothing

Users can reach out to the Assistant to generate data out of nothing. Simply specify the number of rows and columns you want to create and the Assistant will generate the data for you. This is particularly useful when you need to create mock data for testing purposes or when you need to create a dataset to test a new model.

Generating data out of nothing is one of the features of the open-source MOSTLY AI DataLLM (opens in a new tab).

Example prompts

  • Create a dataset with 100 rows and 5 columns for first name, last name, nationality, company position, local office.
  • Generate an HR dataset with 1000 rows and columns for employee ID, position, salary.
  • Generate a list of flights departing from Vienna on a Sunday including their destination, departure time, and airline.
MOSTLY AI - Assistant - Example 02 - Create mock data out of nothing

Enrich data

Enriching existing datasets is a common data necessity, especially if you want to use general world knowledge on which LLMs are trained. All you need to do is specify the dataset to enrich and how.

Example prompts

  • Add a country code column to the dataset.
  • Enrich the dataset with the GDP per capita of the country.
  • Add the population of the country to the dataset.
MOSTLY AI - Assistant - Example 03 - Enrich data

Access privacy-safe data

MOSTLY AI is the pioneer in privacy-preserving synthetic data generation. You can use the Assistant to create connectors to your data sources, synthesize the data, and get a highly correlated privacy-safe synthetic data that is can act as a drop-in replacement of the original when analyzed. The Assistant will the necessary tasks for you to get the synthetic data.

Example prompts

  • Generate synthetic data with the US Census generator.
  • Probe the US Census generator for 100 synthetic samples of only females.
  • Generate a rebalanced US Census dataset with equal split of Male and Female.
MOSTLY AI - Assistant - Example 04 - Access privacy-safe data