Use connectors
Use as a data destination

Use a connector as a data destination

For each new synthetic dataset, you can set a destination (database or cloud storage) where MOSTLY AI will deliver your new synthetic data automatically.


Create a connector for a database or cloud storage bucket and select Destination under Access type. You can use all supported databases and cloud object storage.

Connector - Select Destination under Connector type

If you use the web application, set a destination from the Dataset destination option when you configure a new synthetic dataset.


  1. Start a new synthetic dataset in one of two ways.
    • From the Synthetic datasets page, click + New synthetic data and select a trained generator.
    • From the Generators page with a trained generator open, click Generate synthetic data.
  2. Click Dataset destination. Synthetic dataset configuration - click Dataset destination
  3. In the modal window, select a destination connector from the Destination drop-down. Synthetic dataset configuration - Select a destinaiton connector
  4. For Location, select a destination database. Synthetic dataset configuration - Select a location
  5. (Optional) Select Overwrite existing table to replace database tables or files that have the same name as in your synthetic data.

    Note: The best case for overwriting existing tables is when you are delivering multiple times to the same database or cloud bucket.

  6. Click Proceed.


Your synthetic dataset now has a destination, and when generated, MOSTLY AI delivers it to the destination.