Deliver synthetic data

Deliver synthetic data to databases or cloud buckets

When you configure the generation of a synthetic dataset, you can select to deliver the generated synthetic data to a database or cloud storage bucket.

If you use the web application, you can select a destination before you start the synthetic dataset generation from the Dataset destination button.


Regardless of any destination you select, the generated synthetic dataset will always be available to download as a CSV, Parquet, or Excel file.


  1. On the Configure Synthetic Dataset page, click Dataset destination. Model report - top section - Dataset statistics, Accuracy, Distances
  2. On the Synthetic dataset destination dialog, configure the destination.
    1. For Destination, select a database or cloud bucket destination.

      The Destination drop-down lists only connectors that have the Destination access type.

    2. For Location, select a database, database schema, or cloud bucket folder where you want to deliver the generated synthetic dataset.
  3. Click Proceed.


When the synthetic dataset is generated, MOSTLY AI delivers it to the specified location.