Hey there, and a big warm welcome to our Employee Handbook – the digital portal to everything that makes MOSTLY AI tick! We're thrilled to have you here, and we're all about transparency, so we've decided to make our handbook publicly available to anyone curious about our vibrant culture.

At MOSTLY AI, we're all about pushing the boundaries, embracing innovation, and having a blast while doing it. Our Employee Handbook is a window into the beating heart of our culture, where we cherish diversity, embrace challenges, and celebrate successes together.

As much as we'd love to share every single detail with the world, we want to be transparent about the fact that certain sections may be restricted for MOSTLY AI employees only. These restrictions are in place to safeguard sensitive information, such as legal matters and competitive intelligence, which are essential for our business operations.

As you explore our Employee Handbook, we hope you gain insights into our vibrant company culture, our dedication to excellence, and our passionate pursuit of innovation.

Remember, we're not just a company; we're a community of ambitious, creative, and fun-loving individuals, all working together to change the world (or at least a small piece of it)!

So go ahead, explore our Employee Handbook, soak in the startup spirit, and if you have any burning questions or just want to say "hi," don't hesitate to drop us a line.

Welcome to the MOSTLY AI team! 🥳
We are so happy to have you on board.

New beginnings are great, but they can be overwhelming too (so many things to learn, so many new faces, so many new names 😩), right?! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! 🫂

The MOSTLY AI handbook is our centralised source of truth for how we run our team.

We are a growing, distributed and fully remote team, and we want everyone to feel informed and empowered, with access to information in an asynchronous way.


It is a living body, subject to changes and updates but one thing stays the same: it should always reflect our values: Customers at the heart ❤️, Earn trust through actions 🤝, Win as a team 🙌, Get shit done 🏁, Be fearless 👨‍🚀and Be YOU (blue star)


The handbook will be handy (see what we did here? 😅) for new team members to get up to speed quickly and help current team members answer FAQs, as well as to give our community to chance to take a peek.

Everyone is able to contribute to the handbook, this is a living, breathing document. To ensure the handbook is updated accurately, please send your suggestions or comments to the People & Operations team.

The handbook can be explored:

  • on your own, here on Confluence

  • on your own, via our website (some contents are not available)

  • with Hans, powered by ChatGPT Plus. Note that despite being awesome, Hans is not perfect. In case of discrepancies, the information available on Confluence prevails over Hans' advices.

Thanks for playing along! 🙌🏽