MOSTLY AI is proud to offer several benefits in addition to the regular salary.

We are committed to treat all Mostlies equally, but there are legal and market conditions we need to address and comply with. Whenever applicable we are splitting the description of the benefit by your type of employment or location, but you should always check with your direct employer (Employer Of Record or Agency) for further information.

Initial Home Office Stipend - One off

On top of the laptop, MOSTLY AI will provide you with all the equipment you need to perform your job in the most efficient way.

All Mostlies can purchase home office equipment up to 1000 EUR/USD (incl. VAT).

We are a start-up with limited resources. If you don’t need any of these items, please have an environmentally-friendly behaviour and don’t waste resources.

Our recommendation is that, on top of the laptop, you have the following setup:

  • Screen
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Headset
  • Ergonomic office desk
  • Ergonomic office chair
  • Cables and adaptors as needed
  • Webcam, but only for specific roles that require producing high quality video content to be shared externally.

This benefit doesn't cover items that are not used in your home-office environment, such as TV, gaming consoles, phones, non-office furniture, streaming services, e-readers, printers, USB drives, external hard drives, etc.

This benefit can be used after a successful probation period and no later than 6 months after your start date. If not used within this period, the benefit expires.

This benefit can’t be used by employees under termination processes.

Process to make use of the home office stipend later

We trust every MOSTLY to act in the best interest of the company. It is everyone´s responsibility to ensure that your spending is within your budget and that you purchase only items that fall under the above mentioned categories.

  1. Request a credit card * via Spendesk
    Please use your Cost Center and the expense category Benefits - 203 for your request and add in the description field the following information: Home Office Stipend - <THE GOODS YOU’LL PURCHASE>

  2. Purchase the items
    The invoice MUST have the company’s details (name, address and VAT number).

Employees hired in Austria and all other countries except USA

Employees hired in the USA

Name: MOSTLY AI Solutions MP GmbH

Address: Am Belvedere 10, 1100 Vienna, Austria

VAT: ATU72118727

Name: MOSTLY AI Inc.
Address: 919 North Market Street, Suite 950, City of Wilmington, DE 19801, USA

Tax Number: 84-3594059

3. Submit the invoice / receipt on Spendesk.

We will randomly check compliance with the policy and take necessary steps in the event of policy violations.

Annual stipend

The annual stipend is a lump sum to cover additional costs associated with your home office.

The amount will vary according to your start date:

  1. Hiring date between 1. January - 30. June: up to 300 EUR/USD (when 100 working days in home office)

  2. Hiring date between 1. July - 31. December: up to 150 EUR/USD (when 50 working days in home office)

Please check with your tax advisor if you can claim back additional tax via your individual employee tax assessment.






3rd party Contractors (Superdevs, Geekforless, etc)

In Austria we can pay up to 300EUR tax free when you have more than 100 days worked in your home office. The pay out happens in December (or retrospectively in January the following year).


  1. Ongoing work relationship at the time of payout

  2. Records about home office days

  3. Pro rated pay out according to start date

The benefit will be paid as a gross amount in December’s salary.

The benefit will be paid as a gross* amount via payroll.

It is paid on a monthly or annual basis, depending on the local legislation.

  • Portugal, Spain - monthly

  • Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, UK, etc - annually, in December

*Local taxes may impact the net amount, please engage with Remote support team ( for more information about your country/jurisdiction.

Please add this to your December or January invoice.

Please add this to your December invoice.

The following employment groups are not eligible for this benefit

  • Interns

  • Fixed-term employments (befristete DV)

Monthly lunch allowance

MOSTLY provides you 100 EUR/USD each month for lunch. 😋




Contractors (freelancers)

3rd party Contractors (Superdevs, Geekforless, etc)

You receive an Edenred Restaurant Ticket Card. We charge up to 100EUR for full-time employees (part-time depending on your working hours) each month.

You can spend it in various restaurants which you find on their website.

You receive this add on with your salary.

You receive this add on at the end of each month with your salary.

Please add this to your monthly invoice.

Please add this to your monthly invoice.

Phantom Stock Option Plan (aka PSOP)

All employees are eligible to the PSOP. Check the:

  • full conditions here

  • a recording of the presentation here

Personal growth: learning & development

We provide you with the support you need to strive for the best version of yourself. Every year, all Mostlies receive a 1000 EUR/USD budget for learning and development. Your career and personal development matters to us.

To find out more about how you can (should!) use this benefit, please click here.

Referral bonus

If you know someone who would make a good fit for the open positions and our company culture overall, please refer them our way.

For every successful hire that you refer, you will receive a reward bonus payment of 1000 EUR/USD  (depending on which region you’re based in).

Please refer to this page for guidelines on how to do it.

Birthday gift

All Mostlies get a 50 EUR/USD Amazon gift card on their birthdays. If you want a different one, please inform the People team by submitting this form at least one day before your birthday.

It is also possible to donate your birthday gift to an organisation of your choice (ex. Gender Equality NGOs, Racial justice NGOs, AkiraChix, etc). Please inform the People team on Slack one day before your birthday.

Volunteer Day

We value giving back to communities and supporting causes that align with MOSTLY AI's mission and values. All Mostlies can use their 1 Volunteer day / year to work at a non-profit organization or to participate in a community service project. Please share your experience and takeaways on Slack afterwards.

This day must be booked on Personio as Paid Time Off.

Health insurance




All contractors

Social insurance in Austria is composed of health, pension and accident insurance.

For further information, please check here.

Find detailed information about the policy here.

Remote provides this benefit using local partners. Please engage with Remote to find more about this benefit in your location.

Not applicable

Vacation (Paid)

Time away from work can be extremely helpful for maintaining a healthy work/life balance. MOSTLY AI encourages managers to set the example by taking time off when needed, and ensuring their reports do the same.

Please read about “Vacation” and other types of absences here.



EOR Remote

Contractors (freelancers)

3rd party Contractors (Superdevs, Geekforless, etc)

All MOSTLIES are granted 25 days of holidays per full year.

Please be sure to book your vacation days in Personio.

MOSTLY AI offers Flexible Time off (FTO) in the USA. Flexible time off is in addition to public holidays for the USA.

  • Our FTO policy means that as long as you have coordinated your planned time off with your manager, you are free to take the time off. There is no set limit per year on the amount of time off a team member can take.

  • As a guideline, you should inform your manager of your planned FTO as soon as possible at least 2 weeks in advance notice as the total amount of days that you plan to take off.

  • All FTO requests need to be submitted and approved in Personio.

  • All accrued and unused vacation will be forfeited at termination.

Please be sure to book your vacation days in Personio.

As a person employed via an EOR, you are employed according to the local paid time off policies. Nevertheless, MOSTLY AI wants to ensure a harmonized policy across all locations, therefore we offer every person hired via an EOR 25 days of holidays per full year.

Should your country require a higher entitlement we will comply with this regulation.

Carry over policies vary per country. Please engage with Remote to find more about your location.

Remote doesn’t have an integration with Personio, so you need to book your holidays in both platforms: Remote and Personio.

All contractors are granted a minimum of 25 free days per full year of service*.

These days do not accrue (if the contracts ends, remaining days will not be paid out).

These days cannot be rolled over to the next 12 months*.

Maria Doe joins in May 2022.
Maria’s accruals run from May 2022 until May 2023.

All accrued and unused vacation will be forfeited at termination**.

**If there is an agreement to pay unused vacation days, the formula is:

Monthly fee / 22 days (this is the average number of working days in one month) = Daily fee

Number of vacation days unused X Daily fee = The amount that can be billed / added to the final invoice.

Please be sure to book your vacation days in Personio.

Holidays and how they are paid depend on your specific contract with your employer/agency.

Please be sure to book your vacation days in Personio.

Unpaid vacation

Please read the policy here.

Parental leave

Please read the policy here.

Company holidays: additional days off

MOSTLY offers additional days off. The executive team will decide and communicate additional days off early in advance, so that you can plan and enjoy some extra free time.

Additional days off need to be recorded in Personio as “Company holidays” (you can learn here how to do it).

If you are hired with EOR Remote, please book it as "Others" and indicate in the note "Additional days off offered by the company MOSTLY AI".

This benefit is not offered to 3rd party contractors.

In 2024:

days tbc

In 2023:

26-29 December 2023 (or 27-29 December 2023 if the 26th is already a bank holiday in your country)

In 2022:

17 May 2022

26 - 30 December 2022

Public holidays

On a global team, we all celebrate different holidays. Please refer to this page for guidelines on how to enjoy and record these days.

Company activities and events

Company events are an important part of our culture! We want to strengthen our team spirit and promote creativity. We would be happy if you can join us and spend some good quality time with other Mostlies.

CEO Award

If you think one of your peer really goes the extra mile and embodies our core values, please bring that person on the (virtual) stage and nominate them for the CEO award.

Please send a message to Tobias Hann with some bullet points to describe the actions and the impacts of the nominee and Tobi will make a fair assessment.

The submission should be done at least 1 working day before the STATUS meeting.

A 100€ amazon gift card (or equivalent) will be awarded.

Peer 2 Peer recognition

Remember that time a peer complimented your hard work on that project? (btw, congrats!) 

How did it make you feel? If you’re like most people, then it probably made you feel awesome (but only after you checked that it wasn’t your mom hijacking your mate’s laptop 😅). 

We would love to see that more often and also… actually visualise it! 👀 So on top of a private comment, we invite you to join #mostly-kudos-and-tacos on Slack and praise your colleague by sharing when and why that peer deserved your appreciation. Add the app HeyTaco and finish your message with a (blue star) .

One 50 EUR/USD Amazon gift card (or equivalent) will be awarded to a person that collects 10 tacos.


@username, you have been a great addition to the ABC team. Your energy and commitment to solve the compliance issue with the provider Y this week was so impressive. Keep up the good work! Enjoy your (blue star)

@username, having you on the team makes such a huge difference. I was blown away by your contributions to the this week’s release You're a savvy problem-solver! Here’s your (blue star)

@username, the meeting with X was at jeopardy but you managed to change the mood and confirm the sale. Your positive attitude is infectious! Enjoy your well deserved (blue star)



  • Wellbeing @ work training available here

Austria and USA

Employees hired in Austria and the USA are eligible for country-specific benefits. Please refer to the dedicated pages: