Confluence is our remote-friendly team workspace where knowledge and collaboration meet.


A space is the primary unit in Confluence. It consists of individual pages, settings, users and access rights. MOSTLY AI has a collection of existing team, documentation and knowledge-base public spaces:

At MOSTLY AI we are using Spaces for Departments and for specific Projects (eg. Mid Market or MOSTLY Remote)

MOSTLY AI Homepage


MOSTLY AI Engineering

MOSTLY AI Infrastructure


MOSTLY AI Marketing

MOSTLY AI People & Operations



MOSTLY AI Service Desk

MOSTLY AI Strategy & Trust

You can create additional spaces as needed, but first check if there is a relevant one already.

Please do not create hidden spaces, we want to keep transparency across all our tools.

Confluence is not suitable for hosting highly confidential or sensitive data because space admins, as well as tech support, may gain access to it. If you need to store confidential data, please use other services.

If you are creating a space for testing purposes, please remember to remove it afterwards.

Every department head owns the respective department space and is responsible that the space is up to date and organized. For project spaces an owner should be assigned.

You can follow a space and get notified about every change in this space - this can help you to keep up to date what is happening in a space.


A page is a single document belonging to a space that can contain text, images, tables, links, alert boxes, and much more. Each page also has certain access rights.

We are all responsible to keep Confluence up to date - so please own your pages and review them regularly.

Please provide also feedback to others if you are missing content or you think the content is outdated.

Creating a page

To create a new page in the current space, click the Create button:

Before creating a new page, please make sure that you have chosen the correct space. The target space can be selected in the dropdown menu on the righthand side (after you have clicked Create). By default the current space is chosen.

Nesting and grouping pages

Please note that pages can be grouped into hierarchies by using nesting. We highly recommended that you do so! For example, these pages are nested:

Navigate to the desired page, for example 2022 Goals and click Create

The New page I’m about to create will live under 2022 Goals.

Editing pages

We highly recommend you to use the formatting functionalities to make the content more appealing and readable. Confluence provides plenty of rich editing functionality that you can find at the top menu:

Here you can choose to turn your text into a heading or a list, make it bold, add a link, insert an image or a table, etc. You can also add more complex elements by clicking on the + icon:

Click View more to see other available elements like complex tables of content, search boxes, charts, galleries etc. Play around with these options to see how they work and/or check these tips.

Moving a page

If you have created a page under the wrong parent or inside the wrong space, it is possible to move it somewhere else by clicking “Move” on the menu on the righthand side.

You will then be able to select a new space and a parent. All the links leading to the moved page will be adjusted automatically. 🪄

In order to move a page between spaces, you require permissions to view and delete pages in the original space and view and create in the target space. If you don’t have these access rights, please contact the space admin.

Be careful when moving a collection of nested pages. Please make sure you have the proper permissions for each page. If you don’t have enough access rights for certain children pages, they won’t be moved and will become orphan. Still, it will be possible to find these pages later using search, assign proper access rights, and move them one by one.

Publishing and previewing a page

To save changes and publish a page, click the Publish button:

Note that all users watching this page will be notified about the change via email. In many cases this is not required, therefore you may choose to Publish without notifying watches:

It’s also possible to preview before publishing:

All pages in Confluence support versioning, which means that you can always browse the changes history, see what exactly was changed and even revert to an older version:

Page access rights

To modify page access rights, click on the lock 🔒 icon:

By default, everyone will be able to view your page, and the initial creator will have edit access rights.

While it is possible to create hidden and restricted pages, please refrain from doing it as we want to keep transparency across all our tools.

Mirroring an existing page

We all work differently with Confluence and while some are using the “Search Bar” extensively others are scrolling through the “Spaces”.

As a content owner we often face the challenge that the same content is spread across many different pages and it is a challenge to keep it updated. But help is on its way (blue star)

Macro “Include Page”

With the Macro “Include Page” you can mirror the whole page from a different space. Everytime the original page gets updated, it will automatically update the mirrored page as well.