At MOSTLY AI, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are not just buzzwords. We embrace diversity. We believe in equal opportunities for everyone, no matter their ethnicity, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, lifestyle, talent, personality, disabilities or personal beliefs.

We are committed to increasing the number of people from underrepresented groups within all stages of the employee lifecycle, from interviewing to promotion. 


  • We believe the best ideas can come from anywhere and collaboration between people with different backgrounds and ways of thinking is at the core of our DNA.

  • We recognize that we need more of whom we do not currently have, so that we can be at our best.



Refers to the different people who come together to make up MOSTLY AI. MOSTLY AI aims to have a diverse makeup of people from different backgrounds, ages, genders, etc.


Is how MOSTLY AI weaves people together into one cohesive team. It’s about creating a sense of acceptance and belonging so that everyone feels comfortable to be themself and bring their uniqueness to their role, their team, and the business.

Diversity & Inclusion

However, to include everyone there must be acceptance, psychological safety, and value of people’s differences. Inclusion provides fertile ground for diversity, leading to open conversation, innovation, development and improvement.


Involves providing people with fair and equal opportunities according to their unique needs. Some examples of equity include:

  • providing everyone in the company the same amount of holiday and PTO days;

  • having transparent hiring practices;

  • offering professional development to all team members.


Is about employees' experience of feeling accepted in the workplace. Each team member should feel that their perspective is valued and contributes something useful. Belonging to a team implies a sense of appreciation, that an employee is needed and wanted.

Where we are now (blue star) , where we’re aiming to be next (blue star)

At MOSTLY AI, data is core to our strategy. Not only to understand where we’re at right now but also to help define the goals we want to reach.

By 31 December 2022, our team composition was:

In detail, by department:


Management &

Extended Management


People & Operations




  • 0% women

  • 0% non-binary

  • 100% men

  • 18% women

  • 0% non-binary

  • 82% men

  • 80% women

  • 0% non-binary

  • 20% men

  • 50% women

  • 0% non-binary

  • 50% men

  • 33% women

  • 0% non-binary

  • 67% men

  • 30% women

  • 0% non-binary

  • 70% men

Diversity targets

Despite our efforts up until now, we need to do much more to strive for gender diversity, as studies have shown that diverse teams tend to perform better and be more innovative than homogeneous ones.

We commit to increasing the representation of women* until we reach our diversity target of having at least 40% of women by 31 December 2024. (average % suggested by Chat GPT, Tech Funnel, Women Who Tech, Women Tech Network, GitLab, HiBob)

*We are aware that diversity is much more than gender identity, but this feels like a good starting point. As we mature our DEI&B efforts, we’ll continue to work to be more inclusive to other underrepresented groups - Ethnicity and Age wise - as well.

To achieve this we will:

(blue star) Not started | (blue star) Started, ongoing | (blue star) Done

DEI&B Everywhere All at Once

(blue star) Ⓜ️ostlies are encouraged to set up a Diversity & Inclusion Committee of people that are passionate about this topic, who will meet once per quarter to propose initiatives that will be presented to the Management team;

(blue star) Managers will prioritise the growth of underrepresented talent, aid constructive feedback, give visibility and advocate for their progression;

(blue star) The People & Operations team will enable the β€œpronoun and name pronunciation” display on Slack, Personio and Email signature;

(blue star) We will add one new cultural value - Be YOU - to highlight our commitment to embrace diversity:

Be YOU (blue star)

  • Embrace who you truly are - give yourself the freedom to live authentically

  • Examine and challenge your beliefs - show sensitivity towards others’ perspective, views, and concerns

  • Inspire others - Together we can create a world where everyone feels comfortable being exactly who they are

  • Be you - there's no one else in the world like you, and that's something to celebrate

Commit to gender parity in Management positions

(blue star) For any new positions in the Management and Extended Management teams, MOSTLY AI will aim to hire or promote women until we reach gender parity.

Perform conscious inclusive hiring

We believe that in order to foster innovation, we need to continuously attract the strongest talent, no matter who they are, where they come from.

To this end MOSTLY AI will:

(blue star) Ensure there is women representation in the hiring process/part of the hiring team;

(blue star) Incentivize (positive discrimination) external recruiters to provide female and underrepresented candidates;

(blue star) Develop paid internships for underrepresented groups;

(blue star) Include questions around diversity & inclusion in the interviewing process;

(blue star) Ensure all our job descriptions use inclusive language so that people from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Invest in Learning & Development

By 31 December 2024 MOSTLY AI will:

(blue star) Provide compulsory training and development programs to ensure that all Ⓜ️ostlies understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace;

β€œConscious Inclusion”, 27 June 2023, facilitated by Rachel Hughes is available here (it’s confidential, please do not share it with externals.).

(blue star) Provide compulsory training and development programs for Managers to enable them to create inclusive environments within their teams.

Support and celebrate what already exists


(blue star) Attend 2/year virtual events hosted by underrepresented minorities;

(blue star) Team up with Women in Data to offer employees the opportunity to join their mentorship program;

(blue star) Mark key dates - such as International Women’s Day, Mental Health Day, Pride Month;

(blue star) All MOSTLIES can direct their perks towards a community:

Offer inclusive benefits across the world

(blue star) Offer standard Parental Leave across all locations;

(blue star) Offer Flexible Work arrangements to support employees’ work-life balance and personal commitments.

Hold ourselves accountable

(blue star) Once per year we will pulse how MOSTLIES feel about Diversity & Inclusion via a survey. In cooperation with the DEI&B Committee, meaningful actions will be taken following the results of the survey;

(blue star) We will hold ourselves accountable with regular data reporting on recruiting, inclusiveness and belonging.

This journey is continuous and each of us plays a role in advancing our culture of diversity & inclusion.

Of course, there’s still a lot of work to be done. But, as long as we keep moving in the right direction, talking through the challenges, and recognizing inequality, we can work together to make MOSTLY AI a better, more diverse and more inclusive place to work.

We will continue to update our Manifesto with new data as our DEI&B efforts mature.

Thanks for reading and playing along!