Channels for IT Support:

  • Slack channel (non-urgent requests)

    • Mostlies should use the designated #internal-it-support Slack channel for all non-urgent IT support requests. This channel serves as a platform for submitting inquiries, issues, and requests related to technology and software usage.

    • Please provide detailed information when describing the problem or request to facilitate a swift resolution.

  • Private message and mobile phone (urgent matters):

    • in case of urgent IT matters that require immediate attention, feel free to drop a private message to the members of the IT team.

    • urgent matters include system outages, critical software failures, or security breaches that significantly impact work productivity or data security.

IT support availability

  • Working Hours

    • IT support will be available during standard business hours, based on the IT team members' time zone (CEST).

  • Response time

    • Non-urgent requests submitted through the Slack channel will be addressed as soon as possible. To maintain an organized and efficient workflow, the IT support team will consider the existing work pipeline and prioritize requests based on their importance and impact.

    • Urgent matters reported via the mobile phone will receive immediate attention, and the IT team will try to address these issues promptly.

This IT support policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. Updates may be made based on changes in technology, company operations, or feedback from Mostlies.

For further information about Internal IT please refer to the designated Confluence space.