If/When you leave the company, you will be assigned several offboarding tasks to ensure a smooth handover to your Manager and/or Offboarding buddy.

You will be notified via Personio to:

  • Inform your decision about PSOP (if applicable).
  • Complete any pending tasks on Spendesk.
  • Transfer the ownership of any active subscriptions/accounts to your Manager (or someone else appointed by the Manager).
  • Engage with your Manager and/or Offboarding buddy for a "knowledge transfer" session.
  • Perform an "Exit interview" with the People team.
  • Meet the IT team on the last day of work to format the laptop.
  • Return the company’s devices and relevant documents in an orderly manner. You can return the items personally or send them to the address indicated by the Company by courier service. MOSTLY AI will refund the full return costs upon receipt of the respective invoice(s).
  • Schedule an automatic out of office message on Gmail (see the template bellow).

Thank you for your message.
I am no longer with MOSTLY AI as of [DATE DD-MM-YYYY] and unfortunately, I can no longer answer your email.
Please direct all future inquiries to [MANAGER OR TEAM NAME] at [EMAIL ADDRESS] and they will be happy to assist you.
Please note that your email will not be forwarded automatically.

If you are hired in Austria:

  • The Wiener Linien card must be returned at a counter by the end of the month, the latest. Please send us as copy/proof by email for our archives.
  • For your information, the Edenred card (and its balance) will remain active until the expiry date listed in the card.

If you are hired via the Employer Of Record Remote:

  • You must submit your resignation on Remote’s platform.
  • You must ensure you have all your previous and upcoming final holidays are booked on Remote platform.

If you are hired as a freelance contractor:

  • Your final billing must be made by your last working day.