Layout / Format of the invoices

Please be sure that all invoices submitted to Spendesk include the following information:

Company name: MOSTLY AI Solutions MP GmbH

Company address: Am Belvedere 10, 1100 Vienna, Austria

Company VAT number: ATU72118727

Your details: Name, Address, Contact, Bank details

The invoice date: DD / MM / YYYY

The invoice number:

Description: Include the service period and/or any other description of what the invoice is for.

Important: An order confirmation or a screen shot is NOT an invoice and will not be paid.

See below for an example of an invoice format and note that if any above information is missing, this will cause delays in processing and payment of the invoice.


Payment dates

  1. Contractor submits the invoice on Spendesk, ideally between the 15th and the last working day of the month of the service period, but no later than on the third working day following the end
    of the month being invoiced.

    1. Ex. Maria Doe worked from 1-31 March and submits the invoice on 31 March 2022.

    2. Ex. John Doe worked from 1-30 April.
      Friday, 30th April and 3rd May are bank holidays and John forgets to submit it straight away.
      John has a reminder on the calendar and submits the invoice on 9th May.

  2. Due Manager manages (approves or declines*) the invoices asap.

    *explaining the reason(s) why

  3. If the invoice is approved by the Manager, the payment is processed on the bank by Finance Controller on the following Thursday.

  4. The online bank transfer happens on Friday. Depending on your bank, the funds should be available the following week.

NOTE: Please bear in mind that MOSTLY AI processes bank transactions once per week, on Thursdays. If you submit an invoice on Thursday evening or Friday morning, it will only be processed the following Thursday.

Supporting materials:

  • Watch this video that explains everything you need to know about why a correct invoice is important for accounting.