(blue star) Employee Value Proposition

Our Founder Story

MOSTLY AI was founded in 2017 in Vienna, Austria, by Michael Platzer, Klaudius Kalcher and Roland Boubela, three distinguished data scientists. They realized early on the potential of using AI to generate structured business data and to create what we now call synthetic data. Back then this was not much more than an idea. It was unclear how the process was going to work, since no previous research or competitors existed in the space.

The inspiration came from the unstructured data domain where the first artificially created synthetic images were produced. The three co-founders experienced the challenges companies were facing with traditional data anonymization. These challenges only increased as GDPR was introduced in Europe in 2018. MOSTLY AI released the first version of its Synthetic Data Platform at the same time and proved to the world that synthetic data has a vast potential.

Our Mission

We enable organizations to thrive in an ethical, responsible way with smart and safe synthetic data.

Our Vision

We envision all people being empowered by data to build a smarter and fairer future together for the benefits of everyone.

Our Values

Customers at the heart ❀️

Earn trust through actions 🀝

Win as a team πŸ™Œ

Get shit done 🏁

Be fearless πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€

Be YOU (blue star)

Leadership & Management

At MOSTLY AI, we recognize that passionate leadership over bureaucratic management is at the heart of your success. We believe in and encourage a flexible and transparent culture that enables collaboration, inclusion and unity. We keep a very lean reporting structure; we don’t believe in strict hierarchies and people are encouraged to challenge ideas, no matter who it is. It is important to us that our people leaders are humble and accessible so we have an open door policy starting at the very top.

Team Spirit

Every MOSTLY knows they are surrounded by a wide variety of bright and motivated individuals. Everyone among our team is accessible, and we vehemently encourage open communication and collaboration. Together, as a team, we become a company that we are proud to be a part of, every day. 

Equal opportunity

MOSTLY AI is an equal opportunity employer and committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all. Regardless of a person’s race, ethnicity, colour, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, citizenship status, age, national origin, ancestry, disability, veteran status, or any other legally protected status and to affirmatively seek to advance the principles of equal employment opportunity.

(blue star)  Strategy

Our strategy shall guide us in our decisions going forward, help us to maintain focus, as well as provide a vision for our customers of what they can expect from us.

Our strategy is build upon 5 pillars:

Obsess on Customer Value

Our focus is on Synthetic Data and its business value that we can deliver to customers. We learn as we go, with the customer at the center of our decisions. And we do so faster than anyone else!

Serve Privacy, Fairness & Imagination

Data is restricted β†’ We unlock data β†’ Privacy

Data is biased β†’ We de-bias data β†’ Fairness

Data is incomplete β†’ We simulate data β†’ Imagination

Inject Domain Expertise

Integrate into Modern Data Stack

MOSTLY AI is integral part of the modern data stack. Users can easily and flexibly ingest data into, as well as consume on-demand smart & safe synthetic data from our platform.

Focus on Data Consumption

We envision all people being empowered by data. Thus, we also define success not when data is being generated, but when data is being consumed. We want as many people as possible to benefit from the intelligence of synthetic data to build a safer & smarter future together.

For more detailed information head over to our Strategy page.

Your personal & professional growth

Career opportunities

As a growing start-up, we thrive on the discovery of relevant knowledge and the company sees to it that individuals are supported as they develop and grow. Managers work with their teams to craft personal career paths to work toward and exceed long term goals and objectives.

Please check here further information about internal promotions and lateral moves.

Continuous development

We take personal and professional development seriously. We operate a continuous development process which includes regular 1:1 consultations, OKR settings, regular engagement surveys and twice-a-year growth check-ins.

Personal growth

We provide you with the support you need to strive for the best version of yourself. Every year, all MOSTLIES receive a 1000€ budget for learning and development. Your career and personal development matters to us. 

Your total rewards


We are focused on hiring the brightest, most determined and enthusiastic people there are - individuals that will bring diverse thought leadership and innovation to our ways of working to continually advance our capability and purpose. 

Since we recruit only the best talent, we’re proud to offer a very competitive compensation package.


We believe in intrapreneurship - therefore we offer every new team member an option package in addition to base salaries, bonus and benefits.

Your own home office

We are serious about remote work. Every employee joining MOSTLY AI receives 1000€ to set up their home office. After that, you get 300€ per year to upgrade your workspace at home.

Lunch subsidy

We love good food! All of our employees get a monthly lunch subsidy at a value of 100€, no matter where they are around the globe. Kimchi in Seoul or mushroom paprikΓ‘s in Budapest, we've got you covered.

Your work environment

Global impact

Be part of the synthetic data revolution and work with top international experts in the field of unsupervised AI. If you are passionate about data privacy, ethical and explainable AI and want to work on solutions, you'll love working at MOSTLY AI. 

MOSTLY remote

Work from anywhere, come to the office if you like! We empower our employees to choose the best place and the most effective way to work across all time zones compatible with EMEA and North America. We do meet at least twice a year company-wide to catch up in person.

Flexible working hours

Are you an early riser who likes to finish the day early? Or exactly the opposite? As long as we can synch at some point, you are free to choose your working hours!

Work-life balance

At MOSTLY AI, you'll get 25 days off every year, plus bank holidays and a few extra days off. You can also take one day off every year for volunteering at a non-profit organization of your choice, as part of our commitment to social responsibility. 


At MOSTLY AI, we make sure our employees are recognized and rewarded for their valuable contributions. We celebrate success together in all kinds of ways, including CEO awards, shout-outs, team dinners or fun outdoor activities.

Welcome to the MOSTLY AI Team!