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John Sullivan Customer Success Lead MOSTLY AI

How can synthetic data help your business?

Synthetic data generation is mission-critical for the banking, insurance and telecommunication industries. Seamless online banking, personalized services, improved efficiency, fraud detection needs high quality, safe, AI-generated synthetic data.

Synthetic Data for Banking

The finance industry is recognized for putting the absolute highest security standards in place to ensure the protection of their customer data.

Synthetic Data for Insurance

Data innovation is key for insurance providers. Read more about the most exciting use cases and find your own!

Synthetic Data for Telcos

Telecommunication companies can finally use all of their data in analytics, AI projects and testing in a GDPR-compliant way.

Synthetic Data in Healthcare

Healthcare data is one of the most sensitive data assets. Synthetic patient records help overcome research limitations by making data shareable and more fit for building machine learning models. 

Ready to try synthetic data?

The best way to learn about synthetic data is to experiment with synthetic data generation. Try it for free or get in touch with our sales team for a demo.