Senior Data Scientist Position

<about us>

We are Mostly AI. We do mostly AI.

We are working with innovation leaders in their respective fields to apply results from current research in practical business applications, with our main focus being the development of a Deep-Learning based anonymization solution for privacy-sensitive behavioral data. In addition, we provide advisory and training to these businesses to stay ahead in terms of applied data science.

Our team currently consists of 4 PhDs experienced in machine learning and data engineering, with a background in statistics, physics and computer science. Our product development is performed in close collaboration with multiple international customers from various fields, including finance and tech. We are also actively engaged in the local data science community, and are the initiators and co-hosts of the AI Summit Vienna.

<your role>

You will join our team of data scientists to develop Deep-Learning based analysis methods for behavioral data, where you will be immediately involved in research and product development. Your tasks will also include to a limited degree consulting and the development of customer-specific data solutions.

<your skills>


You will be working in a small research-driven team with high learning opportunities. We encourage curiosity and continuous learning. We offer a salary competitive with other salaries in the industry. Note, the minimum salary as per collective agreement for IT services is ST1 2.332euro, but we happily offer appropriate overpay according to your skills.

<what to send, where and how, the deadline>

Please send your CV until latest Sunday, 17th of Sept. Any additional material (github profile, kaggle profile, online projects etc.) is highly appreciated.

<contact person>

Klaudius Kalcher, Senior Data Scientist -