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If you share our passion for data and want to build the world you wish to see, with a future where big data and privacy can co-exist, then come and join us!
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The recruitment process

You might find our job openings through social media or referrals from friends or colleagues. Once you've done your research, you decide to apply. We are excited to hear from you! Here is what you can expect at each step of our recruitment process:
Be fearless
Take the leap and send in your application
Take the initiative and submit your application. Our team will carefully consider every application, looking for the perfect match between skills, experiences and requirements.
Win as a team
Meet the people you'll work with
You will meet various MOSTLIES, including the Talent Team, Manager and your future peers. We use this stage to better understand your experience and drive, and to provide you insights into what it is like to work at MOSTLY AI.
Get Shit Done
Time to get down to the specific
Shine with your expertise and complete our MOSTLY AI Challenge. You will present your results to the team and get the chance to explain your ideas, insights and future plans in your role. 
Earn trust through actions
Ask your questions, especially the tough ones
You'll get the opportunity to ask our CEO every question that is relevant for you. We know, starting a new job is always a challenge, so let’s make sure you have all the information to make the right decision.
Build a smarter and fairer future together
Finalizing your offer
Welcome to the future! So, tell us what you need to be a happy and motivated employee, let's seal the deal and start building the future of synthetic data together.
Be YOU 💎
Embrace who you are
Embrace who you truly are - give yourself the freedom to live in authenticity. Examine and challenge your beliefs, show sensitivity to other people's perspectives, views and concerns. Inspire others, so we can create a world together where everyone feel comfortable being exactly who they are. Be you. There is no one else in the world like you and that is something to celebrate. 


Global impact

Be part of the synthetic data revolution and work with top international experts in the field of unsupervised AI. If you are passionate about data privacy, ethical and explainable AI and want to work on solutions, you'll love working at MOSTLY AI. 

Personal growth

Excellence is one of our core values. We provide you with the support you need to strive for the best version of yourself. Every year, all MOSTLIES receive a 1000€ budget for learning and development. Your career and personal development matters to us. 

Flexible working hours

Are you an early riser who likes to finish the day early? Or exactly the opposite? As long as we can synch at some point, you are free to choose your working hours!

MOSTLY remote

Work from anywhere, come to the office if you like! We empower our employees to choose the best place and the most effective way to work across all time zones compatible with EMEA and North America. We do meet at least twice a year in Vienna, Austria, to catch up in person.

Your own home office

We are serious about remote work. Every employee joining MOSTLY AI receives 1000€ to set up their home office. After that, you get 300€ per year to upgrade your workspace at home.

Heaps of fun

At MOSTLY AI we love sports and enjoy outdoor activities. Whether it's cross-country skiing, hiking in the Austrian mountains, or a rafting tour in the warmer summer months, we are always excited to try out new things and never settle for boring! 

Lunch subsidy

We love good food! All of our employees get a monthly lunch subsidy at a value of 100€, no matter where they are around the globe. Kimchi in Seoul or mushroom paprikás in Budapest, we've got you covered.

Work-life balance

At MOSTLY AI, you'll get 25 days off every year, plus bank holidays and a few extra days off. You can also take one day off every year for volunteering at a non-profit organization of your choice, as part of our commitment to social responsibility. 

Committed to diversity

We embrace diversity. We believe in equal opportunities for everyone, no matter their nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, seniority level, marital status or disability status.

Continuous development

We take personal and professional development seriously. We operate a continuous development process which includes regular 1:1 consultations, OKR settings, regular engagement surveys and twice-a-year growth check-ins.

Check out the MOSTLY AI Company Handbook

The MOSTLY AI handbook is our centralised source of truth for how we run our team! We’re all about transparency, so we’ve decided to make our handbook publicly available to anyone curious about our vibrant culture.
Our mission is to enable a data ecosystem where privacy is truly respected by offering the world’s most advanced synthetic data solutions. We believe in the power of data. We believe in the right to privacy. We are here to make it possible.
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Tech stack

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