Junior Software Engineer (m/f)
at Mostly AI

Who We Are

Mostly AI is a Vienna based high-tech startup that has developed a game-changing technology, which allows organizations to unlock their Big Data assets, while keeping the privacy of their customers 100% safe. This is made possible by leveraging generative deep neural networks to generate highly realistic & representative synthetic data. Synthetic data resembles the patterns, structures and variations found in the existing data. Yet it is fully anonymous and thus can be freely processed, analyzed, and shared further, which opens up a whole range of opportunities for the otherwise locked-up data. Our international team of 10 data-enthusiasts works out of our Vienna office on a potential global customer base. In order to scale our business to the next level we are looking to extend our team and are seeking to fill several open positions. For the “Junior Software Engineer” position we are looking for an experienced, highly self-motivated and skilled software engineer.



What We Offer

*according to the relevant “Kollektivvertrag” this position pays a minimum salary of monthly EUR 2.461 gross. The actual salary will depend on your qualification and background.

If you love data as much as we do, then come and join us to advance, deploy and promote our category-defining novel solutions around privacy-preserving generative AI. Please apply for this position at [email protected]

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