Unlock Your Data Assets While Protecting Privacy with MOSTLY GENERATE

MOSTLY GENERATE is an enterprise-grade Synthetic Data Platform that preserves significantly more information and data value than any other data anonymization technique on the market. It enables you to overcome the barriers to AI and Big Data adoption. All while securely protecting your customers’ privacy.

✔ Create Synthetic Data from your customers’ behavioral records.
✔ It’s fully anonymous and exempt from data privacy regulations.
✔ Enable data-driven decision-making within your organization.
✔ Kickstart third-party collaborations without the need for expensive data controls.
✔ Be confident with MOSTLY GENERATE’s Quality Assurance reporting.

How does MOSTLY GENERATE work?

MOSTLY GENERATE leverages deep neural networks with in-built privacy guarantees and allows you to unlock the full potential of your structured data assets in compliance with GDPR and CCPA.

With the click of a few buttons, this fully automated Synthetic Data Platform enables you to generate an unlimited amount of highly realistic, but completely anonymous synthetic data. This AI-generated data resembles your actual customer data, is unprecedentedly accurate, and works as a safe replacement for your privacy-sensitive data in a multitude of AI and Big Data use cases.

  • Selected, structured datasets are uploaded to MOSTLY GENERATE.
    Multiple tables, as well as various data types, are supported.
  • MOSTLY GENERATE runs on-premise or in your private cloud to ensure that your sensitive data never leaves your secure IT environment.
  • In a fully automated process, the software analyzes and preprocesses the provisioned data to prepare it for the training phase
  • To provide maximum flexibility, users also have the option to manually configure data processing and manipulate training parameters with an easy-to-use GUI.


  • During the training phase, a deep neural network with in-built privacy guarantees automatically learns the structures and correlations of the provisioned data without overfitting to single individuals.
  • As MOSTLY GENERATE is the world’s most advanced Synthetic Data Platform, it can also preserve the statistical information of high-dimensional behavioral data assets (e.g. financial transaction data) – including the prevalent time-dependencies of your customers’ actions and behaviors that are so valuable when making business decisions.
  • Interested in how Synthetic Behavioral Data can help you make better business decisions? Read more on the topic on the MOSTLY AI blog.


  • Once the training of the model is completed, the original training data can be discarded.
  • At any later point in time, MOSTLY GENERATE allows to generate an unlimited amount of statistically highly representative synthetic data. This AI-generated synthetic data is as-good-as-real, yet fully anonymous and thus exempt from data protection regulations (GDPR, CCPA,…)
  • In addition to the synthetic dataset, a quality assurance report with easy-to-understand privacy and accuracy metrics is generated. This allows to quickly and easily evaluate the quality of the newly generated synthetic data before using or sharing it.


Key benefits


Benefit from maximum data utility

MOSTLY GENERATE enables you to generate synthetic data with superior accuracy. On average, 99% of the information in the original data can be retained - even in very large, complex, and high-dimensional datasets. As a result, you get access to granular, as-good-as-real, yet fully anonymous data that you can use instead of real data for a wide array of big data and machine learning tasks.

Protect your customers' privacy

Synthetic data is fully anonymous and thus exempt from GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection regulations. MOSTLY GENERATE leverages state-of-the-art privacy guarantees to securely protect against the re-identification of real individuals, ensure data compliance, and prevent privacy leaks.

Unlock your data in a few clicks

MOSTLY GENERATE is an enterprise-ready and easy-to-use data privacy solution. The sophisticated big data anonymization process is fully automated, works for any type of structured data, and unlocks your privacy-sensitive data assets by the click of a few buttons.

Accelerate data-driven innovation

MOSTLY GENERATE enables you to share highly accurate, yet completely anonymous data at scale - without putting your customers’ privacy or your reputation at risk. Synthetic data allows you to share previously locked-up data with internal as well as external partners to establish a data-driven culture and to boost AI and big data innovation.

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Enterprise-grade Big Data Anonymization Solution

Synthetic Data allows you to fully anonymize and safely share sensitive data. All with the click of a few buttons.

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  • Fully automated, flexible and easy-to-use Synthetic Data Platform for structured data
  • Supports multi-table and scales far beyond millions of data subjects and their corresponding transactions (e.g. financial transaction data)
  • Supports various data formats (CSV, Parquet,…)
  • On-premises & cloud deployment (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud) to ensure that sensitive customer data never leaves your secure IT environment
  • Enterprise-ready and easy to integrate into existing data architectures (Rest API)
  • Conditional data generation possible

Superior accuracy and utility

  • Unprecedently accurate, even for high-dimensional behavioral data assets.
  • Retains data structure as well as data granularity
  • Synthetic data is as-good-as-real and works as a secure replacement for your actual, privacy-sensitive customer data

Privacy by design

  • In-built privacy guarantees prevent overfitting and eliminate the re-identification risk
  • The resulting synthetic data is fully anonymous and exempt from data privacy regulations
  • It can be safely used and shared without the need for expensive data controls
  • Automated quality assurance reports with privacy and accuracy metrics allow to quickly assess synthetic data quality

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