Single Universal Behavioral Model to Democratize Predictive Analytics

Until recently, every predictive target (e.g. customer churn) needed its own model, which required significant time investment by an expert. As a result, only a few models for some of the more important use-cases are built. Thereby an organization's ability to quickly identify new business opportunities and to explore and experiment with predictive analytics is limited.

But What If Getting Predictions Would Be As Easy As Querying Data?

Mostly SIMULATE generates a universal behavioral model, which gives you access to not only one predictive target but to the rich context of your customer's future behavior. Moreover, the model allows you to simulate hundreds of possible futures per individual customer - resulting in highly informative probability distributions instead of just point estimates.

As these simulations have the same structure and granularity as your source data, they can be queried in exactly the same way as your existing records. This allows you to easily explore a multitude of predictive scenarios and to deeply understand the context of your customer's actions to quickly identify valuable business opportunities.

✩ creates a universal behavioral model
✩ gets you predictive insights in a matter of minutes
✩ allows you to understand the full context of your customers' future behavior
✩ lowers the barrier of using predictive analytics & democratizes it
✩ enables you to quickly and easily identify high impact predictive scenarios to guide your business decisions!
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