MOSTLY AI, pioneers of AI-generated synthetic data, has joined as a sponsor of the Chief Data & Analytics Officers Fall event 2022, taking place in Boston from 10 to 12 October. CDAO is the premier in-person gathering for data and analytics leaders in North America, bringing together experts from insurance, financial services and banking, retail and CPG, and healthcare.

On the first day, CEO of MOSTLY AI, Tobias Hann, will be joining a panel discussion titled ‘Infusing a Data-Driven Culture in Insurance Companies to Accelerate Growth & Innovation’. Hann will be talking about the value of synthetic data as the fuel for AI in insurance, alongside other insurance industry experts; namely, Xu Cheng, Head of Business Intelligence & Insights at Ascot Group; Allen Thompson, VP, Data & Analytics at Hanover; John Adamo, VP, Chief Product Officer at Prudential; and Allison Westbrook, Director of Data Strategy & Delivery at Lincoln Financial.

“Synthetic data is a game-changer for all things data-driven, and insurance companies have always been among the most data-savvy innovators,” says Hann. “Whether it’s boosting machine learning performance, improving the performance of your pricing and fraud detection models, or unlocking data assets hidden by privacy regulations, synthetic data opens up businesses to a realm of benefits.”

Humana, the third largest health insurance provider in the U.S., published a synthetic data exchange platform, to unleash new insights and bring advanced products to the market. The data exchange offers access to synthetic patient data with a total of 1.5 million synthetic records, which is representative of Humana’s member population.

“This is one success story,” concludes Hann, “I look forward to meeting new people next week, and sharing more about how synthetic data is working to unlock the potential of data in the insurance industry, and beyond.”