Vienna, Austria/New York, NY– 17 August 2022 – MOSTLY AI, who pioneered the creation of AI-generated synthetic data, has been listed as a Sample Vendor in three categories of Gartner’s latest Hype Cycle™ Report: Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence, 2022, published on 8 July 2022. Listed categories include Data-centric AI, Generative AI, and Synthetic Data.

Identifying AI innovations with real business utility remains a challenging hot topic of discussion across business, government and society, explain the authors in outlining the content of the report.

“Gartner has previously estimated that by 2030, synthetic data will completely overshadow real data in AI models. As the true pioneers of AI-generated synthetic data, this came as no surprise to us, and we’re really pleased to have now been listed as a sample vendor in multiple categories in their recent Hype Cycle Report,” says Dr Tobias Hann, CEO at MOSTLY AI. “Synthetic data addresses a number of data challenges - it bridges the gap between privacy and innovation, and results like these in this latest report by a highly reputable research firm like Gartner serve as further proof of the synthetic data tipping point we know is on the horizon. We’re in the right place at the right time and, most importantly, with a dynamic and growing team in place, capable of responding to the demand we’re seeing across industries,” adds Hann.

Data-centric AI, the first category in which MOSTLY AI is listed as a Sample Vendor, explores synthetic data in the context of a shift happening - from a model-centric approach to a data-centric approach. Synthetic data offers enriched and high quality data for ML training, the best privacy-safe alternative to real world data.

The second category in which the company is listed is Generative AI. While Generative AI research may be hindered by regulations, one part of the analysis looked at how synthetic data draws enterprises’ attention by helping to augment scarce data, mitigate bias or preserve data privacy.

Lastly, the Hype Cycle Report lists MOSTLY AI as a Sample Vendor neatly under the Synthetic Data category. One of the major problems with AI development today, as stated in Gartner's report, is the burden in obtaining real-world data and labeling it so AI models can be trained effectively. It’s a time-consuming and expensive task that can be remedied by synthetic data. The analysis also confirms that synthetic data is critical in removing personally identifiable information (PII).

Source, available to Gartner subscribers:

Gartner, Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence, By Analyst(s): Afraz Jaffri, Farhan Choudhary, 2022. Synthetic data analysis by: Anthony Mullen, Alexander Linden, Arun Chandrasekaran